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How to connect Eight 4 ohm speakers to an amplifier.

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Hi to all! 


I am faced with the task of choosing an amplifier that can support eight 4 ohm speakers with a maximum power of 200W.  From which way to wire to choosing the right amplifier.  


I appreciate the help. 




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Only choice is to wire in parallel... but are you using pre-made speaker enclosures or are you buying the drivers and fitting them in an enclosure with crossover etc? If they're a premade type unit, do they have internal crossovers or are you planning to use an external active crossover?


You're going to struggle to find an amp that will handle the low impedance of 4 x 4ohm spears in parallel - it's 1 ohm nominal impedance and most commercial amps will handle about 2 ohms at best. Really you'll want 2 x 2 channel amplifier which will allow you to run 2 speakers per channel - 4 speakers per amplifier.

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