Is there a doctor in the house?

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Hi punks long time between innings!

After 9 years I finally did it - I have my PhD :)

Dr. Bob is in the house - intimate rashes a specialty ;)

Now to get some papers published and a grant to get some help coding up some rdf/owl content for an online ontology. If anyone knows a semantic web geek with a lot of patience I'll be in need!

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Congrats, mate. You're far more patient and persistent with me to end up with a PhD. Took me long enough to get Bach so stuffed if i could live with going back to get a higher level. Hell... with my lifestyle choices over the years, i'm not sure the brain power is left to do it anyway :P


I know about owls, but i'm not sure i could fit one in a computer. I once got to feed a tawny frog mouth - their beaks are like cardboard despite the fearsome look! And they fly silent. Bloody amazing to have one swoosh past in the dark and not notice it until it lands... or clips your ear!!

So probably no help there from me.

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Totally late response here,  but congrats RB thats great news !


And yes, as Jester pointed out , you have WAY more patience than I do 

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