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Hey All!

Long time no speak!  I have a problem and I can not figure out how to solve it and was hoping that the fantastic minds here would be able to assist.....

I have Pro Tools 9 and it was licenced to an ilok which I do not have.  I bought a new ilok today and I can not put the new Pro Tools upgrade to 11 on it as it needs Pro Tools 9 licence to approve it.  It is doing my head in and I do not know how to fix it.  I have emailed an email I founf on the AVID site but I am not holding out any hope as they only say America in the support area, not Australia......

If anyone can help please let me know... I am ready to pull my hair out!!


Thanks in advance!

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I recon you'll have to pursue PT support. It sounds like they'll either need to re-issue your license or provide you one that works without needing the upgrade path. The only way they'll do that is after confirming you're a legit owner. 


You could also try other people to see if they've got a license hanging around they're not using... but it's pretty unlikely.

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Yeah Amz-Star, do you have an account login for Avid (was Digidesign)?

With any luck, all your product registrations are saved there in one place.

Not sure what happens re lost iLoks though.

Whereas they might store serial# for previous software on their account for you on their site, but lose the iLok, I think one has pretty much lost the software as the serial can't exist on more than one iLok at any one time.

If I lose that silly little dongle, I'd may as well give up music I reckon. Having said that, I do have insurance for music and computer gear transported outside my house, but I reckon it'd still be a right royal pain to claim such a loss.

What's the difference in price between the upgrade and the full version? Wait you've paid for the upgrade. I reckon they might just be good enough to allow you to pay the difference.

You can contact their local office here:


Northpoint Tower
100 Miller Street
North Sydney 2060
Tel: +61 2 9931 6841
Support: +61 2 9420 3066

Good luck, keen to hear how you get on.

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