Digitizing Software for ripping LPs and other analog sources to Digital

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Hey all,

Sorry for the noob question here but thought software most appropriate after searching for answers.

Looking for thoughts/suggestions/alternatives on VinylStudio for Mac to rip my LPs to digi files that includes track separation/cleanup and track info. editing.  Guess I'm showing my age here but want to keep the vinyl in good shape but still give a listen to my collection.

I used to use Audacity that came with my turntable but it does not function since an upgrade to OSX 10.10 Yosemite (yes, I know--boo, hiss).


Equipment at my disposal includes:


--Macbook Pro 15" w/ plenty of RAM and Storage space

--a USB turntable that includes a mini jack for alternate audio inputs ie. cassette, etc

--2 channel Tascam audio interface

--Mackie 1604 VLZ3

--Cubase LE4


Thanks in advance.



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Garage Band should do it for you if you have a newer mac or upgraded from an original install with GB. Reaper is still out there. Surprised there's no Mavericks support on the Audacity site yet... but it doesn't list it. Might be worth downloading a new copy of Audacity from their website and trying the latest version to see if it works. Failing that, reaper is overkill but will do everything Audacity did and a lot more - but is about $60 now.

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thank you for the quick response, Jester.  I don't have the "new and improved" Garageband and not familiar with Reaper...seems a little cost prohibitive.  

as far as I know, Audacity works with Mavericks but not Yosemite and Apple no longer offers Mavericks install files.  Oh well.

If anyone has used VinylStudio for Mac, I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts.  


Thanks again!

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