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Hey fellow 'Punks, so what's new?

Got a couple of "Benjamin Britten" Christmas-themed orchestra and choir performances coming up: combining an acoustic snare, cymbals, triangle and tambourine up with four electronic timpani and a couple of 40" bass drums (V-Drums and BFD2 with orchestra expansion pack).

As typical, it's a 2-player percussion score that I'm gonna do my best to cover by myself, hence the electronics involved to keep everything easily re-tunable mid-song and compact to keep everything within arms - and foots) reach.

Somehow just wound up loading up a Mac-Mini onto a shelf in a SKB rack case along with the necessary audio and MIDI interface hardware, with a screen attached, effectively becoming a "laptop" the size of a small coffee table, I'm sure there was a point there somewhere. Will posts pics at some point.

So what's happening in your musical, artistic, performing, writing, composing, or just plain chillin' world?


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Hey, your rig sounds like it could use my new drum/percussion sample tagging system! ;)


Actually just waiting for the thesis that explains it to be passed and published so I can actually show everyone what I've produced.


The Percussive Audio Lexicon (PAL) - 2500+ descriptors of drums and percussion - instrument names, morphological features (shape/size/range/materials), beater properties, details about stroke type, placement and dynamics, envelope data, temporal data, spectral data, timbre descriptors and onomatopoeia. 8 years in the making and finally finished!


Now if only NI or Spectrasonics would license the thing I'd be a happy man :)


That said, in its first incarnation I'd be happy to get it XML'd or RDF'd into an interactive web page or MPEG-7 taxonomy. Will be looking into applying for grants to pay someone to do the coding grunt work for me.


In the meantime, as soon as I have the thesis published I'll post a link to a text version of the lexicon for drum nerds like your good self to peruse!

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