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Hi guys, Im am in the midst of doing my dissertation on a live sound degree and i am struggling to find anything on the very first live mixing consoles. 


If you guys have any information that you know of that i could then research into that would be great.


Examples of what i am looking for are things such as: 


The first real live mixing console -

The people who were mainly involved with the inventions of the live mixing console in both the uk and usa

Which were the 5- 10 major players in terms of live mixing consoles when they first started out

what was the the first digital live mixing console, who was it made by and why did it happen


Any information would be great as being a student it several learning difficulties it can be hard to trace all down all the history.


Thank you very much guys  


I look forward to you opinions and responces

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I'd start by looking into the history of touring companies and shows as i suspect it'll provide you some leads. Sound re-enforcement and mixing desks didn't really become a thing until venues and crowds started to get big, IMO.

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I don't know exactly when was the first analogue mixing console, maybe in '50's,  they camed from radio or tv , broadcasting ,  i  know that in '70's Neve made consoles who had Eq, Fx sends and the Necam model - the first moving fader automation, In '80's Solid State Logic mxinig console had compressors on each channel, and very clean sound. I think Yamaha made the first pro digital sound mixing console, the DMP7 in '86, but i dont know that for sure. Yamaha (ems 60 in '70), Midas (in '70 was a part of Bosch) and Soundcraft (1s model  in '75) was the major players in the Live sound mixing consoles. Something like that.

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