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Pro Tools 9 Crossgrade question

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My friend recently gave me a boxed version of Pro Tools 9 that he never used.

It is marked for students. I was a student when I registered my PTLE8 Mbox2

Can I use this crossgrade? Or does it have to be a student registering the software?

Thanks in advance for any help you all can offer.

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Very excellent question. Not sure what checks are done - at time of purchase or during registration.


Is it a crossgrade, or a brand new install with its own activation serial inside?

I'm still running 8 but with a new computer set to land on my doorstep, looks like I'll have little choice but to jump to 11 which is kinda exciting (slick look, better use of multi-processors, and any hardware including in-built soundcard), but expect a few plugins will fall by the wayside (no AAX 64bit support).


Anyway, I'd run the installer and see. It can't break anything.

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