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Is this forum just for sound engineers or wannabes like me get to be here too?

Well, anyway, just got two questions!


1st - What's the difference between the producer and sound engineer?


2nd - I know in UK there's a lot of degrees in Sound Engineering. Is there any in Portugal?


Thank you so much! :D

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Hey there, 


Nope this forum is for anyone interested in music and sound engineering or production.   We have lots of bedroom producers around here.


I would suggest asking this question in the "noobs discussion" forum though,  you might get a better response.


I'll move this thread for you now.

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Funny thing, the terminology kinda shifted over the past 15 to 20 years, particularly in electronic music circles.


A producer traditionally was the person responsible for booking the talent, locking in the studio time, calling upon any freelance musicians into the recording session, ensuring everyone's good to go on the day etc.


These days, if one produces music with technology, they're a, er, producer.


Now a sound engineer will be someone skilled in the audio routing, mixing desks, effects, mixing. They may specialise as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, or mastering engineer.


Probably answer a couple of questions and prompted a dozen more. Go for it! ;)

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