Can you EQ out certain sounds?

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Hi guys,


I'm new here and need a bit of advice. I have a video with music and sound effects (background noise, talking, etc) and I was wondering if it's possible to use Cubase or Audacity or something similar to maximize the sound effects and minimize the music, hopefully enough so a new track could be added over the top and the effects would remain audible but the music wouldn't.


I'm just a beginner and feel this is out of my depth, so any advice from you guys would be appreciated,



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So the music and talking is part of the soundtrack together, and you want to hear the conversation without the music?


Very tricky to do, though you might have some success tracking the talking with an expander or gate, so it's turned up (along with the music) when the talking happens, then everything's turned down or muted when the talking stops, but hardly ideal.


Is there a chance to re-record? If so, moving the microphone closer to the speakers, or using lapel mics even, would help pick them up with less background music.

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