So why do you post tunes here?

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Serious question... A few of you - valev, adamshabazz, Malcolm star child etc all post up stuff pretty regularly even tho little to no replies. You get a healthy number of views though, so perhaps you're being seen by guests who can't/won't post.

Don't get me wrong it's awesome that people post tunes keep em coming! I just hope there's something in it for you too!

So do you do it less for the feedback and more for other reasons? Is soundpunk actually helping you get traffic and hits to your tunes? Is it good for google searches?

Just curious... Anyone welcome to pitch in with ideas too!

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Ironically this post has 65 views and no replies.  


Im going to assume that even though the feedback around this forum is lacking nowadays (remember the good old days?), id say people get some feeling of satisfaction knowing people are listening to their music, regardless if they like it or not enough to comment ..   Theres something oddly warming when you see a bunch of new listens on your soundcloud account.   That, and getting your name indexed on Google as SoundPunk has a fairly quick index rate. 


I also think the internet has changed a bit since the days when we would natter away on forums for hours at a time... People talk less now, they just want information and data but prefer to not engage in discussion unless they need something answered..   Thats been my observation over the pas few years anyway.

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^ hmmm fair points - forums are pretty old-school now. Between Twitter and Facebook, and mobile plans with free unlimited SMS, who needs/wants to spend time posting any substantial commentary when a short sharp comment that gets instant feedback will do the job?


Agreed forums seem to be simply Q&A portals more and more now. How many times have one of us regulars posted an answer to a question, and that answer effectively shuts down the discussion? If the answer is given no need to add extra comment hey?


Mrs RB uses forums only for looking up Q&A on parenting and babies. Longer discussions tend to be the domain of blogs now, where one person does all the writing and others just read.


BTW looking over at the ITM production forums, there still seems to be a small core of users willing to chat about the same old topics 'what headphones should I buy' and 'what ableton should I use' but it's not what it used to be. However there still seems to be some healthy traffic in the general 'talking shit about how munted I got on the weekend' forums.

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