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I need to make a scale of looping notes for a video game where the user plays a musical instrument. It needs to be a wind / flute sound. I need to deliver 5 note samples. Each note must loop seamlessly. 


I using Logic Pro X and software instruments to create the sound. I have tried various wind sounds but having trouble finding something that can be exported as a sample and loop perfectly (sample should be a few seconds long). 


Currently tweaking an organ sound, with the cycle region on the software note, in Logic sounds perfect and loops forever without any clicks. But when I bounce in place or export the note, it no longer loops seamlessly. 


Can anyone tell me why the software instruments loop but the audio files don't? 

Please give me any tips on how to generate note samples that will loop seamlessly!?!


Any tips greatly appreciated. 

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Take a sound file of the note, zoom in really close so that you see he sine wave, then take a very small section (after the initial attack and before the release) and loop it max sure the you loop a complete period of the sine wave.

Use an envelope to bring the attack and the release back.

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