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Hi guys,

long time absolutely no posting!
So, after a long time in storage I have finally pulled all my gear out and set it all up.

I started sampling and playing around and after a while noticed this terrible hum coming from my SP1200.
After some detective work I figured out it was the step-down transformer I was using for a few different pieces of equipment.
I tried a different transformer I had lying around and it improved the hum, but its still there and driving me crazy!

I looked into solutions, and one found was a power conditioner.
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience to lend here?
Will a power conditioner help when still using a setp-down transformer?

Any help, advice etc. is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!!


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It's dec0n!!!


The hum's on the audio outputs yeah (and not physical humming from inside the box itself)?


Just snap of the earth..... NO WAIT, wrong answer!!!


Is everything running off a single power outlet in the room? Rather than off a couple of different outlets?


I have everything running off a single outlet (and a string of multi-outlet power boards) and I still have problems with shitty M-Box Mini and the laptop and the mixer if it's all powered up (getting buzzes and noise when I move the mouse on-screen) - yet perfectly ok if the laptop is running off the battery.

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Thanks for the reply, I missed it until now!

The hum is weird, at first I thought I could only hear it from the audio outputs - mainly from the SP1200, and monitoring into my main 12 channel mixer.
Then, after trying a different step-down transformer, afterwards I swear I could hear a hum coming from the actual transformer and one of my turntables...

Also, now my other sampler seems to have a louder hum coming from it's audio outputs.
Sigh, but like I said the second step-down transformer has made the hum a fair bit softer...

So I tried snapping off the earth and almost died, haha.


Everything is running of two outlets, one plate with two female outlets.
I have the step-down transformer running off one of the outlets - then plugged into a USA multi-outlet board, and all the 240 volt / Australian gear is plugged into the very next outlet.

I have a shitty M-Box Mini also! But I haven't set up my laptop + interface etc. yet, just outboard devices like the samplers etc.
The hum is really starting to send me insane, I have an OCD problem with stuff like this.


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Ok, so last night my wife plugged in her hairdryer in the next room and I swear at the same time the step-down transformer started to hum, as in a loud audible hum coming from the box...
I think I might take my chances with a power conditioner and see what happens from there.

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