Kid Transistor - TidalWaves LP (FREE DL)

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Title: TidalWaves LP

Artist: Kid Transistor

Description: Wrote and recorded this album while living in a shoebox in Japan. My first album after several EPs. Iguess it's predominantly rock / pop sort of stuff with an electronic edge.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Opening
  • 2. Marching Band Girls
  • 3. Chinese Muscle
  • 4. My Shotgun
  • 5. Scalpel on Skin
  • 6. There's Been a Break In
  • 7. Great Five Trains
  • 8. Dethneeedlezz
  • 9. Happy
  • 10. Parasites
  • 11. Casual Romance Club
  • 12. Tape Array

Stream all 12 tracks and downlaod for free at:

Here are some tracks to stream here via soundcloud:

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