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New Mixer, cant decide! Allen & Heath ZED14 or Soundcraft M8?

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Hi Guys 

i am buying a new mixer in 2 weeks, my current Soundcraft ES has had it after 9 years of use
its served me well, yes i should get Soundcraft again, obviously reliability cant be faulted lol!

however, i have decided maybe i may try the Allen & Heath ZED14 ?
how does it compare to the Soundcraft M8? 
never had Allen & Heath before, build quality, reliability?

obviously need the best sound quality, no hiss etc etc

i`m going to be using the new desk in my band, but mainly to plug 3 keyboards into it and some sound modules, then run it to a pair of powered cabs for my monitors, and then run the left and right XLR outs on it to the FOH Engineer

any advice would be great, or experiences with either desks 

Wayne Harris
Keyboard Player & Vocalist


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Tough choice! Seems either are the goods, though neither stick a worthy multi-channel audio interface (for recording multi-track audio to a computer), but I appreciate you don't necessarily need it for that either.


When I was tracking down a compact mixer (only needed around 3 stereo keyboard sources, and a couple of mics), I was tempted by the A&E ZED series, but the (entry) model I was looking at (ZED10) ran too many unbalanced and RCA connections (I wanted balanced monitor outputs) so I went back to the tried and tested Mackie VLZ series.


But the ZED14 (and upwards) look fine, as do the Soundcraft series... really gonna come down to personal preference I think - and you already know the Soundcraft layout/terminology so that might gain instant favour?!

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