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I have a speaker problem:  specifically I need to transport a system to Costa Rica via a short-hop plane flight so size and weight are critical.

  The speakers (I'm assuming four) have to be capable of supplying reasonable fidelity sound at fairly high volumes.   (for an exercise called

  "high intensity sound").   Not rock concert level, but definitely loud.  (sorry, I don't have a number).


  Requirements:    small, reasonably light, capable of high volumes in a, say, 40 foot by 40 foot room.    Cheap and/or rentable would be good.


  As a reference:  the group currently uses a pair of small vintage Klipsch speakers and a pair of Sony  "roady" style speakers driven by a 

   4-channel  100 Watts per channel amp.    This system is fine, but hard to fly with.





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I have a pair of QSC K10s, but thinking portability for you, how about a couple of pairs of the smaller QSC K8 boxes?




They're remarkably loud, clear, and the "DEEP" mode setting makes up (to a point) the shortfall in driver size at low to medium volumes (though as the volume is cranked the bass extension is automatically wound back).


Any reason for 4 speakers?


Won't be twice as loud as 2 speakers (though can cover twice as much ground). In saying that, the K8 have quite a wide 105 degree dispersion anyway, so you may get away with just a pair?


The separately available custom soft-case totes are invaluable for carting them around too.



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Thanks, this looks great.    Budget is still being worked, which could be a blocking factor.


  The reasoning behind four speakers is this gives participants more options in being close to/away from 

  speakers in the room (think floor exercise / meditation  with high sound intensity levels).


  Thanks for your suggestion.

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  Well, the group of ~25 people are doing a multi-day workshop that includes meditation, movement exercises, dream analysis, 

and an exercise called "high-intensity" sound, which is program material (ah, Hindu chant, World beat, type stuff) played at 

high volume and is used as a form of directed meditation.   Participants are usually stationary, maybe lying on the floor for 



  Think "hippy stuff" and you'll get the flavor.  %^).


  Trance dance is close.   The difference being that high-intensity sound has the participants stationary or near stationary.

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Yeah ok, as far as meditation sessions go that sounds kinda cool. Wall of sound flooding the senses etc

At the opposite end of the spectrum I used to produce cd's of 'stillness meditation' for a client - ironically for audio cd these sessions would contain 20-40 minutes of pure digital silence bookended by a narrator's comments. During the proof listens I found myself falling asleep, only to be startled awake after 40 minutes by a voice going 'OK NOW IT'S TIME TO END THE MEDITATION'. sort of defeated the purpose perhaps? ;)

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