Attyk - Nightshade

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This track isnt perfect of corse, its also not Mastered.

all i did was add some Limiting to the track before uploading.

I'm already fully aware of the 'Downfalls' of the Composition & Mixing (Being that im my own biggest critic)

but i'm really interested to hear what you guys spot on first listen to it.


Im not trying to please anybody in particular with this track,

i write for myself and if someone enjoys it along the way,

all the better.


I have 'let this track go' as i have with many other tracks in the past,

so im not gonna go back and do any revisions on the mix ect.

i move forward and constantly write new stuff all the time.

But i would like to know what anyones "Fresh Perspective" is on it.

(because ive heard it between 500-1000 times and have no perspective left....)


Thanks guys.



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