Totally Fresh && New To Musical Production.

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Hello, I'm completely new this Forum considering I joined today.

Writing my own music, lyrics, and melodies on vocals && guitar, I'm trying to figure out a good way to start with basic Musical Production. Basically recording.

Right now it's simple, writing lyrics on paper, && humming to my head, kind of experience that I have :b

Before I go off in a mindless rush buying software and tools, I would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction.

Simply knowledge & advice. Books, links, anything that can help start me off ..

Again, I am a total "n00bie" but Musical Production/Engineering is something I am choosing to take seriously so feel free to help out if you can ^.^

Thank You.

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If you have a computer, you're most of the way to getting started. Where you probably want to start production is by getting a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is software that you run on your computer that allows you to record and mix music - like a recording studio. The software can be expensive, but i'd suggest you start with something like Reaper. It's cheap and effective - and free for 60 days to get your head around. It started as a totally free package so there's a lot of community to help you get into using it and some good online tutorials.

It takes time - be patient and give yourself time to come to terms with it would be my biggest advice. Within the 60 days, though, you should be able to start recording into the DAW. You may want a microphone if you want to do vocals or guitar - something USB based and cheaper to start with will allow you to get ideas down and start to figure out what you want to do with things. You can get USB mics on ebay for like < $30. Not brilliant sound wise, but it'll get you started and allow you to experiment.

Later on, you might consider a better sound card etc.

There are other ways to get into production - you can use stand alone multitrack recorders, tape (old skool!) and so on. Most people dive into DAW as they already have a computer and these days, any computer will give you enough power and memory to do basic audio production.

The next step is to ask questions as you're using the DAW. It's really hard, particularly on line, to give non-specific advice that's any use. So, get some specific questions and problems as you use the DAW and ask away!

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Thanks Jester_Fu , I really appreciate those words of advice.

Sounds like a good way for me to start out so Imma' get on that !

Looks like I'll be having a lot of research && questions to be doing on here && all around.

Will download that Reaper program though, & play around with it to get me set on track.

Again, your help is appreciated ^.^

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