Should i even try to use these to produce?

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Headphones are never ideal for doing a mixdown or any form of 'final' work. They create too much separation and don't allow for testing phasing and alignment very well.

However, you can mix with anything and make a good tune. The main thing is testing the final result you get on a few different systems to see how it translates - basically 'learning' the sound of the headphones (or speakers). Also listen to a lot of music you like in the headphones to get an idea how things that you think are well made/mixdown sound and they you have a better reference for your own tracks. Yeah - they might make things sound 'good', but there's nothing wrong with that providing you put it into perspective so you know how it will sound on a 'shit' system (i.e. radio, car stereo, clock radio etc.).

Another key thin is how comfortable the headphones are. When you're wearing them for hours upon hours, having a comfy set that doesn't apply pressure to your head makes a major difference. "Ear strain" or "listening fatigue" is also more of an issue with headphones, i find.

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