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We're in quite an exciting era for the mixer market.

Sure, inbuilt audio interfaces (to the computer via USB/Firewire) are a welcome addition, but having racks and racks of EQ and compression and an assortment of other effects available discretely to each channel is an absolute godsend the live scene, both cost-wise, and in ease of set-up and integration.

What do we have?

The extensive StudioLive range from Presonus



And even Behringer is dancing circles around it's competition with uber-high end product technology in a prosumer priced market, aided by their recent purchase of Midas.


This stuff is just too good, and at prices not too far off what a moderate quality 16 to 24 channel analogue desk might have cost barely a decade a go.

So what's your thoughts?

Anyway had a play or own one of the new mixer breeds?

Not sure I would ever need motorised faders for volume scene recalls, but to have a compressor across every channel and some main output 32-band EQ to level out the room is rather enticing.

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