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Hey guys,

I think it's time we combine a few more of the forums. We seem to be getting a nice flow of traffic lately, but our content is pretty sparse, some of our forums havnt seen a post in over a year, so id like to bring a few forums together and maybe promote a bit more activity .. Can I get some feedback on these suggestions?

Plugins & Soft Synths + Cubase + Ableton Live + Pro Tools + Apple Apps to all be merged to a single Software forum. Basically just all combined into the parent container.

Audio Interfaces + Synthesizers + SPeakers Monitors + Real Instruments all to be merged into a single Hardware forum ..

Patches and Samples to be merged into Software

General DJing + Tunes track and Records to be merged together into a single "Tunes, Tracks and DJing"

Im considering merging both the Software and Hardware forums into just a single "Around The Studio" forum ...

What do we think?

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All done .. Also,

Moved: DJ'ing topics into the "In The Studio" category

Moved: Buying and Selling in the the General category

The front page feels much more compact now.

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