Motu 828mk3 not Loading

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Hi guys.

I have recently moved my studio.

When i have gone to start up, everything is working except the sound card. which is a Motu 828mk3. The device loads up as normal and is sending signal to the speakers because i can hear them pop, howevre the software doesnt load on the computer, which should load the MOTU Audio Setup. it seems as though it is the fire wire port on the MOTU that is un oporational. I have tested my cable and it works with an external firewire drive. I have also pluged in my laptop to the MOTU 828mk3 and still had no response.

In the move there was no issues withe the device and it was transported inside a road case, securely rack mounted. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the problem? without the soundcard my studio is rendered practically useless.

Please I am desperate as I cant aford to replace this device at the moment.

Thank you

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