Novation ReMOTE SL: Getting the sequencer to see the ReMOTE's MIDI ports independently?

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Got some gigs coming up, playing V-Drums to trigger BFD2 (in Pro Tools on a Mac Book Pro) alongside a glockenspiel preset from another soft synth with Pro Tools that's being triggered by the keyboard of a Novation ReMOTE 37 SL. The only MIDI interface in the picture is the ReMOTE SL itself.

Now the V-Drums are hooked up the MIDI Port 1 on the ReMOTE SL.

The ReMOTE SL menu (if I can understand where it's coming from) has the keyboard set to USB 2 (ie. the port/connection to the computer that's *not* the Port 1 being utilised by the V-Drums).

In the MacOS Audio MIDI Setup, the Novation ReMOTE SL interface appears in the MIDI layout, and I've created a device for the V-Drums that's hooked up to the ReMOTE SL Port 1, and a device labeled 'ReMOTE Keyboard' that's hooked up to the ReMOTE SL Port 2. Finally, there's Port 3, which I understand is reserved for the Automap server stuff, so essentially ignored here.

So it would make sense that I could create two MIDI instrument tracks (in Pro Tools, but really any sequence would do), one running BFD2 for the drums, the other running the glockenspiel soft-synth, select the MIDI inputs to match their corresponding triggers (V-Drums on track one, and ReMOTE Keyboard on track two), record-enable them both, and have each discretely play their intended sound source.

But no. The V-Drums are triggering both BFD2 and the glockenspiel together, while playing the keyboard is triggering both also simultaneously.

Anyone using a MIDI device (such as another MIDI keyboard) hooked up to a ReMOTE SL plus the ReMOTE SL's keyboard at the same time to trigger different software synths different notes, at the same time?

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Not me, good sir.

Is it actually capable of being used as a midi/usb adapter?

Give me a call if you get stuck - i've got a midi USB adapter for the MachineDrum you could borrow and also a Motu 128 express. Haven't used either for a while due to my inactivity in the studio.

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Yeah, should be able to do it.

The ReMOTE 37 SL's got on the back:


- In

- Out

- Thru


- Out

And there's a setting inside the menu that allows once to configure MIDI Ports to USB 1 / USB 2 / MIDI 1 / MIDI 2 and a multitude of combinations of these...

...for Zone 1 which I have set to USB 2...

...but what about the other three keyboard zones...

...wait, all three are still set to USB 1 plus MIDI 1 & MIDI 2...

...meaning they're still sending to the same port #1 as the V-Drums.

...you're a frickn' genius!!! That must be it!!!! Couldn't have done it without you, blah blah blah... :wub:

Off to test it now...

PS. Cheers for loan offer. I actually have a 8 x In/Out Emagic AMT8 here that I could also use (and had somehow not even considered it up until now). I'm also just gonna use a simple M-Box too for the stereo outputs, rather than get caught up with multi-channelling out of the Digi002Rack into up-to-8-audio-channels on a mixing desk. So much easier to mix within software for this gig I reckon (not to mention the space limitations) with just a safety master fader on a compact hardware mixer if things get too out of hand too quickly.

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Fucker!!! That'd be just too easy.

The damn keyboard still continues to triggers BFD2, and that's even with all four keyboard zones set to 'OFF'.

More beer...

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Ah, finally got it.

Not sure who/what/why, but there's another Keyboard MIDI port assignment in the ReMOTE's Template menu, which must over-ride the Global menu it would appear (so why have a Global menu option at all then???).

And so with the ReMOTE's Template's Keyboard MIDI port now set to USB 2, it corresponds with the settings in the Audio MIDI Setup in the MacOS, and the Pro Tools MIDI track inputs, and we have a winner.

Now I kinda still want to know how to set up different sections of the keyboard to different zones from the Global menu, but if it's only responding to the single option in the Template menu, I think now if it ain't broke...

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