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Hey all,

Basically, i'm trying to put together this sonic installations in which an fm/am radio plays recordings of number stations on 4 different radio frequencies. I'd like to hook the radio up my laptop with max msp so when the radio station is switched to another, the lights in the room along with the background music are changed as well. The sound/ lighting set up I know I can configure with max msp. My only question is how am I going to get this radio to sync with the lights and music and how can I transmit a recording of each number station on 4 individual frequencies? I've thought about making the radio a midi controller, so when the knob is turned to a different station it changes the music via the computer. I have no experience in creating midi controllers, though. Another thought was to transmit a few radio frequencies from my computer using a wireless network adapter and somehow have the radio pick up on them but, once again, i'm not sure exactly that would be achieved. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Must this absolutely involve radio broadcast? If not, here are some thoughts/ideas (however irrelevant/useless they may be, and you left it open to ‘any’… :blush: )

You could considering building the ‘radio’ as an active speaker and sending it four separate channels of audio from an audio interface, via a wireless audio sender, triggering on/off each audio signal via a potentiometer or button on a wireless controller attached to the speaker/amp unit. So if that would work, you dial the knob/button on the 'radio' which sends a command to trigger the audio software to mute/unmute a channel’s audio signal with the audio interface's output/s via a patch leading to the wireless sender with a receiver built in or attached to the ‘radio’?

Sorry if I state the bleeding obvious…if you’re talking radio broadcast here, I got very little. The only thing I can suggest if it absolutely must involve separate broadband spectrums, use four different sender/receiver packs of differing broadband specs.

Hope at the very least you get some ideas out of that!

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You could do the radio thing maybe with a digital radio that receives something like Shoutcast streams... or maybe DLNA enabled.

With transmitting on FM radio frequencies... you could try using a few of those iPod in car FM adapter thingo's on different frequencies... but you'll need a multi channel sound card on the PC to stream the 4 radio stations out to the radio's.

As for syncing the lighting, this would probably be best with something like a DLNA/Shoutcast type thing but you'd need to write some VB code or something to get info from the streaming app on whe number of connected clients and their details to sync the lighting in that remote area.

Or maybe i misunderstand and the lights to radio thing isn't meant to be local at the radio??

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