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Haven't posted here in a while but anyway have been investigating room acoustics lately and man what a deep deep hole that is! One minute you are reading how to make your own bass traps next thing you are reading about gas flow resistance. Ouch.

The kicker for all this is that my wife and I bought a house last year, up until recently have been a bit slack on the production (also got myself a border collie pup, which is insanely time consuming). The last few months has seen my bands desire to finally record an EP hit all new levels - so I have taken on the project. Figured since my test mixes haven't translated to other systems all that well and I no longer rent, might as well do a bit of work on the sound of my room.

First thing I have done is made my own bass traps. I have ignored common wisdom and not built frames for my bass traps but stuffed pillow cases with rockwool, Bradford Soundscreen R2.5 1160x430x88 6 batts per pack @$36 (density 42m/3) and $35 for 10 pillow cases. I was able to layer 8 pillows with 3/4 of a batt (88mm+44mm). Cheap as (did I mention Im also on a tight budget due to said owning of house - Im also relatively inept in the DYI space). I stapled the pillows with longest side horizontal to one corner of my room. So far has evened out the bass response in that corner a bit and can definitely hear extra clarity in some of my reference tracks. Due to space requirements and room design I wasn't able to get them the recommended 50cm from the wall - they are about 10-20cm from the wall.

I had been warned about using rockwool, so I covered my body head to toe. I still got a bit itchy but not too bad.

Next will make some more of these for the other corners that dont have doors in the way. Have also ordered some HF acoustic foam (500hz+) for early reflection. Ordered from - (the stuff these guys have is pretty cheap and gets good reviews - some mates have used and swear by it). Going to have install curtain rods and hang these from roof, and depending on how I go with side reflections might put some on the roof as well.

I'm really excited about how all this is going to work - even if it isn't perfect I have still learnt a shitload.

Have found this website to have some really good information. They do sell a product but they offer a lot of info and have a lot of stuff on forums out there helping people. Pretty good business model really.

It's intense but fun and hopefully oneday I will get out of the hole with my brain intact. When it's all done I will try and remember to post some photos of this monstrosity (and it will be a monstrosity!).

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Yeah, man - be great to see some pic's. If you've had the chance to do some spectrum analysis before and after that'd be interesting to see as well.

End of the day, if it sounds good to you and you can pull a good mix out of the room, doesn't matter what you've used or how much it cost- it's working.

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