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I first have to say.....I was getting fed up with FL Studio and wanted to test the feel of a different DAW. After ~5 days with the Ableton demo, I am in love. At first I was completely paralyzed with the layout but now that I am getting a feel for how to navigate it feels so right. It is 10X less clunky, 10X easier to keep organized, and I am really digging the live session feature.

Before I get too deep into the live session though....the way that I understand it is that I need to use the arrangement view to eventually make an exportable version of the song. Is it a common workflow to setup a full track in live session and convert it over to the arrangement or does that make a big headache in the end given I really don't have intentions on playing it live as a DJ?

Is there a way (or a good tutorial) to record a live session into an arrangement? That would be nifty if I could play it live but sort of build the arrangement as I do it.

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My work flow usually started with me loading up a bunch of clips and assigning to MIDI controllers and triggers in Live view and then I would begin to get creative, triggering on demand with controllers etc. This was much more expressive than drawing lines in the arrangement view like traditional sequencers. Once i found a sound I was really happy with i would work on recording that into the arrangement view.

I terms of the best way to convert your live clips to the arrangement view, you should try set up clip triggers and follow actions where you can. This is perfect for things like drum loops, shakers and rides etc. You can basically write you entire tracks backing sounds from triggers and follow actions ... it will end up looking like

Play 8 bars -> Trigger next clip

play 16 bars -> Trigger next clip

Play 8 bars -> Trigger next clip

You fill this out until you've got most of the track length down, and then go back over it and start adding in your one shots, and individual sounds ...

By setting up triggers and follow actions, it just creates a structure .. and you know that you'll get an exact 16 bars, instead of maybe 15 if you were just doing it by ear and missed it ..

This is just how I used it in the past , sometimes this worked, sometimes it didnt .. I just kind of used the Live view like a scratch pad and hammered out ideas in there before taking the final concept to the arrangement view ..

You can see more about this here:




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