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I'm looking for help.

I've been on Google and trying to find what I'm looking for has been a killer.

I'm trying to find out how to reverse a loop in Garageband.

Google told me that Garageband hasnt got the ability to do this within the program.

I'm not traditionally a Mac user, but I've managed to get into the app shop, and I've downloaded a couple of programs such as Virtual DJ and Mixx, in hopes of being able to import and export the loops as being one way of handling the situation..

Are there any known options of -free- Mac apps that would allow me to reverse a loop easily?

I'd found 2 that had been recommended via Garageband forums that were Amadeus and Sound Studio, however these are $25+ and I'm only borrowing the Mac that I'm using to get these assignments done; so as I'm sure you can understand, finding a free app in order to simply reverse a loop would be a much more rational option than the paid one..!!



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Hi there!

I'm used Garageband before and I change to Logic and ProTools..

Was suggesting that get others apps instead of Garageband due to there is more function you can work on to it, and it worth to bought the original one.

Just a suggestion.



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