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New Topic Tags

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One of the new cool features with SoundPunk v4 is topic tags.

I think this could be a really great tool for finding content in the future, let me explain.

When you create a new thread (or edit an existing one using the 'Full Editor') you will see a new box labeled "Topic Tags" underneath the topic title.

Its here you can add tags that help categorize your post, simply type key words in here separated by commas. For example, say if you wrote a post regarding mixing in ableton, you might put in something like:

Ableton, Mixing

This then adds two tags "ableton" and "mixing", these tags will be visible elsewhere, such as the "popular tags" box on the forum index, people can then simply click on the Ableton tag and see all threads that have been tagged ableton.

But .. we have forum categories?...

Yes, but thats a single category.. In the previous example, this thread would of most likely been posted in the ableton category, but people looking for help on the same topic might have looked in the Mixing and Mastering section. Because this thread was tagged "Mixing" it will show up to anyone looking at the "Mixing" tag.

I hope this makes sense.

Of course, the tags are completely open and free for you to type in what ever you want, but try to use the existing tags where possible so the threads get grouped properly ... If your posting a question about your new iPhone 4S, you can just tag it iPhone and it will show up under an iphone tag. The beauty of this is that we dont need to have a specific forum for iPhones, but the tag makes it easier to find threads about iPhones.

Your free to go back and tag your previous thread, just simply edit your original thread post and click "FULL EDITOR", you'll then be able to update the tags for that thread.

As this is a new feature, we dont have any tags yet, im encouraging everyone to please tag any new posts they make or to tag any previous posts they may have made that they think should have them (ie, a thread that got lots of replies or about a hot topic)

The idea behind this all is simply to make content easier to find, its always been the problem with communities, good threads come and go and are lost, but tags should make them easier to find again.

Any questions, just ask here!


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