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Some of you guys might of heard im going to be moving oversea's in June this year, and for those that havnt .... well now you have :)

Anyway, I plan on doing some travelling first for a few months, and when I do end up at my final destination, it will be opposite time zones to Australia.

Id like to put out the call again to anyone who would like to moderate an area of SoundPunk. If you would like to contribute, or you think you can inject some life into a section of the site, then put your hand up and let me know.

We currently have a few moderators and senior moderators, so you wont be on your own, although im particularly interested in anyone who might contribute articles, or post threads about interesting topics. ie, If your an Ableton user and your an active member of the ableton community, why not start up some threads over here about whats going on in the ableton community.

Anyway, let me know if your interested, and we can have a chat.



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