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Articles System - Fixed, Easier To Submit

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So, you may have noticed iv been doing some work around here lately, a big part of that was around the articles system.

There was just something not working with the articles, it was a bit clunky to manage, so I looked into it further as I wanted to make things easier for everyone to contribute and for my self to manage it, and as it so happens iv cracked it ;)

Long story short, I had originally configured it incorrectly, well not incorrect, but much more difficult than it needed to be. I had configured to articles system to stand almost independent to the forum, which created a separation which wasnt working well, the key was to configure a full forum integration ... Articles start out as forum posts, and are promoted to articles, along with all the comments and replies to the thread.

What this means is that now, if any one wants to get something published as an article, there is no seperate system or clunky backend systems, you just simply create a post in the forum, lay it out like you would a nice piece of writing, and if you think its worthy of a spot in the SoundPunk article archive, give us a heads up and we'll promote it.

When a thread is promoted, nothing is lost, the replies to the forum thread are all synchronized with the article, new forum replies will show up as comments to the article, and vise versa for people who comment on the article but never in the thread.

This is a much better system, is much easier to manage and we're not duplicating our content and losing members comments like before, which basically involved creating a copy of the thread as a new article, completely disconnected from the old content.

So, again, to those that have asked how to I submit and article ? the answer is very simple, just post it in the forums, and give one of the moderators a prod so he can promote it to article status. Once promoted, your thread will not change, you will not lose replies or have your thread moved, your content will just be published into the articles archive.


Unfortunately this new fix has mean iv had to recreate a lot of items we already had, which wiped hit counts on some articles. No data was lost, but the number of times an article was viewed was reset ..

Also, some of the older articles that were promoted from old posts may have had their time stamps changed .. which means a post may look like it was written yesterday but has comments from 2007.. :lol: small price to pay for a better system I guess.

Cheers guys :P

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