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So, some of you have probably noticed the File manager is no longer available (well, it is, but theres no link)

This is due to two reasons

  1. I plan on launching a better file hosting area, with comments and ratings etc. Its coming very soon.
  2. Our new host does not offer the amount of file storage that our previous one did. So we need to cut back on allowing everyone to upload whatever they want.
  3. We have about 8GB of random audio files with completely gibberish file names that needs to be culled.
  4. Most people are using SoundCloud accounts now anyway.

A few people have asked lately where the file manager went , as they want to upload a new track, so iv created a sub domain we can use to access the old manager until the new one is up and running.

I would like to ask that you please only upload files of completed tracks, or sets and mixes, and to keep your bit rates a web friendly 192Kbps or so. I notice there is a lot of very "first cut" 320Kbps files on the server.

You can access it via

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