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Your 5 Favorite Toys

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Iv gone gadget crazy this year, actually, I go gadget crazy every year, except this year they tended to be expensive gadgets.

Its been a pretty regular occurrence for me to be scouring through my wardrobe and spare room searching for toys and gadgets to sell in order to pay for new gadgets and toys. When I decide I need to have something its like a crack habbit, scavenging for things to sell in order to soften the impact from the cost of the new toy.

So, I want to hear your top 5 toys / gadgets / devices that you own. post pictures too

Mine, in no particular order are:

Apple iPad

I originally shot these down when they came out , I didnt see the point and couldnt see it replacing a laptop. I was half right, in the sense that its definitely not a laptop replacement but it creates a whole other genre of need in your life.

I used to buy lots of books, computer books, programming books etc. Id take them with me each day to work and read them on the train (and hour each way) , this is where I got most of my reading time done, as theres no time at work and I cant be assed at home.

Problem is, these books are very heavy , and expensive .. I was claiming over $1300 a year on books alone..

Eventually I see a friend with an iPad (another computer geek) and he has an entire library of books on it , he skims through them as reference etc ...

I venture out and buy what essentially I think is going to be an $800 PDF reader , half expecting for it to become a paper weight and that ill sell in in a month or so, although I end up using the iPad for a lot more than I thought .. it comes with me on trips, planes, hotels etc .. All the places I cant be bothered to take a laptop .. its always on , and battery lasts for days.

Iv even got a leather case for it and I use it at work for notes and designs ..

Its safely earned a spot in my top 5 :)


Apple iPhone 4

No surprises here really. My iPhone 3G was pretty beat up, the button was playing up and its was SOO SLOW. I was just about done with it, I was looking around at HTC devices, and after going to Microsoft TechEd 2010 I was even considering a Windows mobile.

In comes the iPhone 4 and pretty much eliminates everything I didnt like about my previous iphone. Amazing screen, super fast, slick .. very happy with it. Can even edit my own videos on it now .. This is one of the only devices I have that, if I lost it somewhere , I would instantly buy another one with hesitating...


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

So this one was a tax present to my self this year .. I upgraded my EOS 40D to the 5D Mark II.

Magnificent camera, amazing ISO performance. I love this camera, although it has the effect of making me feel like im not worthy of using it.

It only comes out every fortnight or so, and I dont often sell any images, they're just my own artistic expressions. It does encourage me to get out shooting more though.

Loving full frame shots too :P


Macbook Pro 15"

This one isnt a new addition, iv had this one for about 3 years now. It was my first Mac, I just wanted to see what the hype was about. I use it every day, and love the simplicity of OSX after spending my days grinding away on Windows servers and writing C#, its nice to just not have to think about things sometimes.


Access Virus TI

Had this one a while now aswell. I hardly find the time to write music anymore which gets me down, although when I do, my Virus always tends to ignite that fire again for me.

Its so very easy to make big nasty sounds, its actually a little too powerful. I often set out to write a more chilled funky track, and turn to the virus for a bassline... Within 10 minutes, the track seems to sound big and filthy, and i cant help but think "dammit .. iv done it again".. Its not always a bad thing, its often a great thing, but either way its always fun.

As complicated as it looks, its really not that difficult to use, the menu system and Virus control plugin gives you excellent visibility of whats going on with the sound.

Its also just nice to have some knobs to twiddle , I was previously a soft synth user, although its not quite the same ... yes, you can assign controllers, but they're not often all mapped , and the layout wont be built for a particular synth ...

Despite the fact I rarely use the virus, its never on the hit list for when Im searching to things to pawn in order to pay for the next toy :P


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It will kill me where many have failed to before.





Extreme clarity, great balance and the ability to physically destroy things using only the power of sound. :)



Roomba - the dirt eating robot. It moves around the house like a drunken lemur hoovering and sweeping up dirt and shit from the floor. And it does it every day all on it's own without being asked. If it could empty it's own waste bin, it'd be #1.



One remote to rule them all! Stupidly easy to set up and controls pretty much everything in the house that can use a remote, including apple computers.




Gadget room. It's only at number 5 as i currently spend less time with/in it then i use any of the above.

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Wow, thats a nice car dude .. Thats exactly what id be after ...

Id love a Roomba too , my carpets are always covered in my girlfriends hair ... its like tumbleweed everywhere

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I got my Roomba about 12 months ago from the USofA as a factory second - $320 delivered to Aus. Spent a couple of bucks at RS components getting some caps etc and converted the PSU over to 240V AC. If you're serious about one send me a PM and i'll find where i bought it from - with the current exchange rate it's likely to be like $250 delivered. I've got left over parts to so i can hook ya up for the PSU conversion ;) I bought it because we purchased a big red wool rug for the lounge room... and combined with our large yellow coloured malting dog, it was vacuum every second day to keep it neat or buy Roomby. We give the house one good vacuum a week now and Roomby keeps it tidy so it's really quick to give it the 'deep clean'.

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Oh god the Macgasm, Cheyne. Get a grip old boy ;)


Samsung Galaxy S


It's NOT an iPhone, ergo in its own way is an expression. The screen is huge. It's light. It's fast. It's not crippled by the manufacturer. It does everything an iPhone does, plus more, and faster, better, doesn't break when you look at it, is cheaper, louder and clearer for calls, complete synchronisation with Google services (calendar is essential).


Roland TB-303


No explanation necessary. Not waterproof. Or scoptch and coke proof more specifically.


Mackie HUI


It's of a fine vintage but still entirely functional when compared to the more current crop of DAW controllers. Motorised, tactile, fast, dare I say inspirational. To remove oneself from the glowing monster in front of you proves invaluable to the creative process. Has taught me to use my ears again.


Allen & Heath Xone:4D


Revolutionised the way I can perform a live set. Reintroduced the concept of fidelity when mixing an Ableton Live set, connections up the whazoo, converged many devices into a single package like audio interface, MIDI interface, MIDI controller, Analogue mixing, Filters. Waterproof (yes, I dunked it, live, on stage) and therefore hugely reliable.


Aprilia RSV Mille


Real men ride twins ;) Fairly unreliable, Italian, gorgeous, fast as fuck, offensively loud, crowd stopper, scares old people and little children, gets me from A to B at warp speed regardless of traffic conditions, fairly hazardous to one's health.

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1. my coffee maker do i really need to explain?


2. great in traffic jams and waiting for your wife to try clothes on at myer


3. when you really need to bring the brrwwweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaappppptttttzzzzzzzzz!


4. just a computer but a nice one it's fast too


5. the power of the samurai (cuts up tomatos real good)


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Wow, thats a nice car dude .. Thats exactly what id be after ...

Id love a Roomba too , my carpets are always covered in my girlfriends hair ... its like tumbleweed everywhere

Do not talk to me about girlfriends hair. I keep tripping up on the bloody stuff. Fur-balls EVERYWHERE. Wouldn't mind but she refuses to pick them up, it's beneath her. Women, can't live with them......

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For me it's my brand new Fuji HS10 Camera and my home cinema with soon to be 9.2 surround sound.

hps909 Loving that coffee maker.

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Subaru Forester XT

Canon 5D MkII

Apple MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz

Mackie HR824

Love / Hate:

Blackberry 9500 Storm2

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Fuji Finepix HS10 Hybrid Camera

Onkyo HT-RC180 9.2 Receiver


the post office losing many of my parcels sent since before Christmas.

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Why love/hate?

Blackberry 9500 Storm 2


- Not an Apple

- SurePress touchscreen concept results in very few fumbled wrong key presses

- Tight integration between Facebook, Messenger and Email calendars.

- Tight integration with Facebook and phone book contacts

- Tight email integration, fast response, easy to configure and manage several email accounts.

- MicroUSB charging

- 3.5mm audio out

- Stereo Bluetooth audio

- Immediate access to profiles and transmitter options

- Customisable menu icon layouts with folders.

- Crazy GUI themes available, though I've stuck to the original

- Unlimited data for zero cost

- Switches OFF at midnight, and ON at 6am, so no nasty wake-up SMSs from work.

- LED indicator of waiting message etc visible at a glance.


- Only free apps available from App World, not purchasable from outside USA.

- Latest OS 6 not made available for OS 5 phone purchased same year.

- Native web browser clunky and slow, so using Opera Mini which is less clunky but still ridiculously slow. I get the whole data-passing-via-Blackberry's-Email-Servers-In-Canada thing, but tell me why things are still stupidly stale when using WiFi?

- Random re-boots mid-call

- Media player refuses to play some files in playlist then quits unexpectedly.

- Following periods of non-service/reception, touch screen clicks erratically making it impossible to unlock keypad resulting in reboot.

- Reboot takes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too long.

Does that answer your question? :lol:

On the upside, it has a 2-year replacement warranty, so just need to get the ball rolling though this won't resolve all the issues though.

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Hate my i,Phone 4. Constantly cuts my calls and the battery life is crap. Think I got me a lemon.

You sure your not using Virgin mobile ? One of my friends is on virgin with an iphone and it keeps cutting out ... I dont have any issues.

I find the battery life to be fine, I can get a whole weekend out of it easy .. turn off wireless and bluetooth if your not using it ... HTC desire is what you call bad battery life , my boss was getting about 8 hours out of his until he needed to recharge ...

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^So when are we heading to reefton? Stoopid bike riders all slow in the corners!

Once got pulled over by the Police for going round a roundabout at 90 mph in my Cooper S. He let me off when I let him sit in her. Poor guy practically had a woody. :lol:

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Not liking that my 6 month old cat (the devil incarnate) has taken a liking to my lovely cherry wood speakers and has started clawing them. I swear I'm gonna skin it and have a small fur rug in the middle of my living room. :huh:

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