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As a parting gift from my old Bachleor of Music Tech degree and my now-defunct 'Internet and Streaming Audio' subject, here is the master list of websites I used in my lectures. Gradually accumulated over 3 years.

Nearly 300 sites covering everything from how the Introweborz works and a ton of info on media formats, through to serious music and audio sites, wireless and mobile, copyright and industry, algorithmic composition sites, world's best band sites, even drummer jokes  ;)

Even described and divided into sections for ya :P


Dolby Fax

Windows Media 4CC codes

Third party codecs for QuickTime:'>

Quicktime component developer source code:

Audio tags

Internet Protocols and ISP's

Telstra Big Pond sites

Ozemail site

ADSL info

Protocols info

Servers and the Internet Backbone

Info and tutorials on how the Internet works from webdevelopersnotes

Microsoft Windows Media - comparison of web servers vs streaming servers

Apple Servers - web servers

Apple Severs - streaming servers

Entire US backbone – by Ben Worthen

Links to Australian Exchange Points

Maps of major backbones in the US

Map of Telstra’s own backbone

Maps of Australian Internet connectivity

Pacific Internet’s backbone networks

Telstra Global Internet

Online Streaming Radio Directories

Shoutcast by Nullsoft



Radio Tower


Penguin Radio

Stream Finder

iTunes and Gracenote CDDB

Apple ipod and iTunes home page

Apple iTunes download - Mac and Windows

ipod and iTunes add-ons and plug-ins at Apple

Directory of iTunes plug-ins for OSX at pluginsworld

Directory of iTunes plug-ins for Windows at versiontracker

iTunes Utilities for OSX at versiontracker

iTunes Utilities for Windows at versiontracker

iTunes visualiser tips and tricks


Gracenote Music ID technology

Gracenote Mobile Music ID

Gracenote Classical Music Initiative


QuickTime home page

QuickTime Pro

Playback Components'>

QuickTime Technologies – how it works

QuickTime developer kits for programmers

Third Party components

Xiph Component – plays Ogg Vorbis and FLAC in QT and iTunes'>

Perian – plays Xvid, Div-X, AVI, Flash, etc

Flip4Mac – plays Windows Media formats

XviD Component – plays XviD AVI files


History of mp3

Fraunhofer Audio Multimedia home page

Overview of Fraunhofer technologies and projects

Overview of mp4

MPEG Group

LAME mp3 encoding - mp3 developers group

Coding Technologies Group - mp3Pro

Perceptual Coding

Apple site with info on AAC, MPEG-4 etc.

SourceForge site devoted to open source coding of AAC and various codecs and utilities for Windows.

Windows Media

Windows Media Player home

Windows Media Player plug-ins

Overview of how to stream content using Windows Media

Microsoft Expression Encoder for Silverlight

Windows Media Encoder 9

Microsoft DRM

Companies that use Microsoft DRM

Real-time global online statistics at Akamai

RealNetworks and Open Source Developers


RealNetworks – getting started and downloads

RealProducer – Real format encoder for PC

RealExport – encoder plug-in for Quicktime OSX

Helix media servers

Helix Server free downloads

RealAudio codec specifications

Sourceforge open source community

Sourceforge multimedia software

Sourceforge audio software

FLAC – Free Lossless Audio Codec

Xiph open source community

OGG Vorbis –

Icecast – free streaming server software

Cockos Reaper – DAW software

Cockos Ninjam – online real-time audio interaction

Cockoc Jesusonic – guitar processor

Careers and Business

Queensland University of Technology - list of potential music careers from QUT music website (not a job vacancy listing)

Seek - direct link to ‘advertising/media/entertainment’ job vacancies in Australia

Music Council of Australia - jobs/employment bulletin board

Music Council of Australia - competitions and scholarships bulletin board

Fuel4Arts - marketing, promotion and advice for freelance/independent Australiann artists

ArtsHub - Australian Arts networking site with job vacancies (paid membership), also links to US and UK equivalents

Myspace remixing job listing (USA)

Myspace music production job listing (USA)

Extreme Remixer – blog site devoted to remixing and remix sites

Andrew Dubber – New Music Strategies

New music strategies video interview

New Music Strategies 120 page free e-book - DOWNLOAD AND READ

YouLicense - online music licensing for web, film, TV, games, etc

Rumblefish Music Licensing Store - online music licensing for web, film, TV, etc

Award Winning Music Sites

Australian Music Industry websites

The Music – Aust music business site

Immedia – the Australian Music Industry Directory

Articles on success in the music business

Award Winning Music Websites

Bandzoogle – build your own band website

Modern Rock – top 300 band websites

Linkin Park – No. 1 website at Modern Rock

Top 25 music websites at Entertainment weekly,,1195793,00.html

Top 25 music sites at Stereogum

The Turntable Lab

The Live Music Archive – 43,000+ live recordings by 2,600+ bands

The Audio Archive – 198,000+ songs

The Value of Music on the Internet

Interview with David Byrne and Thom Yorke

Surviving in the music industry by David Byrne, includes interview with Brian Eno

"The value of Music" essay/commentary by Beppe Colli

Podcast of a roundtable discussion on the value of music at CDbaby

Article that inspired the podcast above

SP-MIDI, Sound Fonts and DLS

Hammersound - links to free sound fonts and PC software

Official Sound Font archive from creators Emu/Ensoniq and Creative

Sound font editor for PC

Sound font synth (AU plug-in) for OSX

Polyphontics - DLS/sound font editor/builder for Mac OSX


Vienna Soundfont Studio app - PC

Vienna soundfont tutorial

Sound font info @ Creative

Sound Fonts site

Free sound fonts

Drum set sound fonts and DLS

Free soundfonts (80Mb)

More soundfonts (paid and free)[/ur

Ringtone Applications

Download 14-day demo of Mobile Sound Builder - makes mobile XMF files (PC only)

Download demo of Beatnik Editor - makes RMF files (Mac and PC)

Retrofolio ringtone management software

Milksoft - Mobile Media Converter - mp3 to AMR, mpeg to 3GP, etc (PC/Mac)


Mobile Audio Media Study - Arbitron and Telephia

How GSM works - technical paper

How GSM works - youtube clip

3rd generation partnership project (3GPP)

3GPP links to specification documents – zipped by article number

WAV/mp3 to AMR conversion FAQ

The entire Holy Quran recited in AMR fomat

Mobile phones and wireless technologies

Nokia multimedia converter – info and download

Nokia forum – tools and resources

Nokia Australia – phone specifications

Nokia Australia - support and software downloads

Motorola Motorazr V8

Motorazr V8 music functions guide

Apple iphone

Apple iphone specifications

Apple iphone apps

Podcast and RSS sites

RSS specifications

Podcasting Tools - tutorials and links

on-line RSS maker application

How to make RSS

Directory of RSS feeds

Directory of podcasts

Juice (was ipodder) - freeware cross-platform podcast receiver

Free File Hosts

File Crunch - up to 250Mb per file

Imageshack - photos only

My Free File Hosting - up to 100Mb per file

SoundPunk file server - need to apply for password

Wireless Technologies

List of Device Bandwidths - Wireless and Cabled


How Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth Profiles

Comparison of Bluetooth against Wi-fi and other technologies

IEEE 802.11 (Wi-fi)

Wikipedia "plain English" version

Australian 802.11 standards

Audio Archiving and Preservation

Australian National Film & Sound Archive – preserving and restoring audio and video

US Library of Congress – storing audio for archive

Archiving CD data

Sound Recordings Procedures Manual – preserving media (pdf)

Remote storage, file delivery and PC access

Digidelivery info from Digidesign

Digidelivery Serv/LT

Digidelivery Serv/GT

RocketDelivery technology

Goto MyPC – remote desktop access to your own PC

File4ward – remote PC access

Apple .mac (‘dot mac’) accounts

Cyberduck – ftp application for Mac

Smart ftp – ftp application for PC

DriveHQ – free ftp server and software

Filesanywhere – free and paid file host, file manager, ftp, backup

Copyright, Creative Commons and Peer to Peer

Copyright Council of Australia - homepage

Copyright Council - Information Sheets


APRA Online and Mobile Licensing - fees and laws

World Intellectual Property Organisation

The Berne Convention - International Copyright Treaty

Ban Piracy - illegal software

Creative Commons licences

CC sampling licence

CC audio news

Pump audio – online music agent supporting CC licences

Magnatune – online music download and licensing supporting CC licences

Soundclick – free and licensed music

Freesound – CC sound effects site

Limewire info

Soulseek info

Kazaa info

Funny, Informative and Interesting music websites

General Music News – Serious and Funny


Musicradar – resources for singers

Music Industry Forums

Audioforums – 9,000+ members, USA, serious hi-tech and audio

Tranceaddict – 85,000 members, Europe, Home Production sections

Inthemix – 12,000 members, Aust, Home Production section

Jokes and Comedy

Music Jokes at MIT

Singing and Musician Jokes

Jimmy Barney (drummer)

Drummer Jokes

Jens Henneman’s Complicated drumming Technique

Australian Music Industry websites

The Music – Aust music business site

Immedia – the Australian Music Industry Directory

Articles on success in the music business

Award Winning Music Websites

Bandzoogle – build your own band website

Modern Rock – top 300 band websites

Linkin Park – No. 1 website at Modern Rock

Top 25 music websites at Entertainment weekly,,1195793,00.html

The Turntable Lab – No. 8 website at entertainment weekly

The Live Music Archive – 43,000+ live recordings by 2,600+ bands

The Audio Archive – 198,000+ songs

Java Sites

Many Java Music sites need one or more of these plug-ins installed:

JSyn - Java Synth Plug-in (homepage)

JSyn plug-in installer

MIDIShare - real-time MIDI operating system

Jay W Rice – links to Java music applications

Java Music – links to Java music applications

Jmusic at QUT – links to freeware and shareware apps

Various links to Java music and audio applications

Squidoo - links to many different Java and Flash music apps and games

Fractal Music

Introduction to Fractals with interactive Java applets

Fractal music applets

Fractal music links to applications and works

Fractovia - portal for fractal art, music and applications

Easy Fractal - Fractal Mandelbrot/Julia set generator for Mac

Double Fractal - Fractal Mandelbrot/Julia set generator for PC

Fractal Harmonies - Fractal Music generator for PC

LMUSe - fractal music generator for PC and Java

Online Composition Tools and Music Games

Wikicomposer – online composition tool

Kakophone – online ringtone composer

Dictionaraoke – music made with GM files and online dictionaries

Punos Music - links to algorthmic music apps

Nick Didkovsky's Rhythmicon

Lexicon-Sonate - online and stand-alone algorithmic composition app

Mozart Minuet & Trio Dice Game

Myspace Page Editors

Thomas's Myspace editor

My Wacko Space

Myspace Toolbox

HTML generators

Pimp myspace layouts

Employment, careers and resume sites

Dan Meyer – example music industry resume (US)

Arts Hub – job vacancies in the arts (Aust)

Fuel4arts – promotion, publicity, career advice (Aust)

My Career – general advice on resumes and job seeking (Aust)

Arts resumes – how to format (US)

Various resume templates and examples (US)

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Wow! Just so sad that they stem from a rockin' long era for you. But old doors close and new doors open, as they say.

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