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A DIN SYNC AU solution

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this is a beta/alpha AU that send din sync signal via external audio channel to start stop tempo your old din sync gear

you need to make a cable up for it


What is it?


Sync Unit is a free solution to sync external equipment with the computer using an audio port instead of the latency and jitter plagued midi system.

For now it only does 24 ppqn din sync, but more options are under development.



Sync Unit is free software and comes with no guarantee whatsoever.

It sends higher-than-normal voltages over your audio cables which could damage your audio equipment if used unwisely. Proceed at own risk and with care.

I cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or damages you might cause  using the Sync Unit Audio Unit plugin.



- Audio Interface with at least two ( 2 ) DC coupled audio outputs, either mono or one (1) stereo headphone jack (recommended).

- special cable from male stereo jack -> male 5 pin din.

Wire the jack plug as following:




Wire the din plug according to spec.

Alternatively use 2 mono jacks, e.g. when using out1 & out2, out2 will be the clock and out1 will be the run signal.

If you do not understand these terms please search for them on the internet or consult someone in the know. The information is all over the net and beyound the scope of this Read Me for now.



Unzip the and place "Sync_Unit.component" in the right place.

install for single user:

- place in in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (~ means your user home directory)

- start your host application

install for all users:

- place it in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

- start your host application



Logic Pro 8:

Create a new stereo "Software Instrument" track and configure it with the appropriate stereo output setting.

If you have a Motu Ultralite and use the headphone port as recommended, select "Output 13-14" from the drop-down list.

The best approach for now is to make a note (any note) with the same length as your track, because I noticed timing errors when looping.

Apply the rv0 Sync Unit AU to the track.

Ableton Live 8:

Make sure the outputs you need are activated in the preferences.

Select a midi track, change the track "Audio To" setting to "Ext. Out" and select your desired output. Make a new pattern containing a note (any note) as long as the pattern length.

Apply the rv0 Sync Unit AU to the track.

-> similar instructions for other applications.



All 3rd party products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners

Sync Unit is designed and written by W. Vanheste

rv0 ©2009 all rights reserved

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Cool idea. It sems Volta has sparked many creative minds stirring! I'm liking all of these ideas for bypassing MIDI.

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