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Drapey & Pokrovsky - Bangin' The Boom Weekly Session 1

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Starting a new weekly session, where we fit as many tracks as we can manage in an hour and a lil'. We hit the decks every sat and have a few drinks, and play what we feel like listening to!

So check out Vol. 1 if you get a chance or like the track selection

Bangin' The Boom - Weekend Session No. 1 w/Drapey & Pokrovsky


1. T-Rek - Freakshow Disco No. 3

2. Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 (The Yank Remix)

3. Bingo Players - Chop

4. Zoo Brazil - Kalle (Norman Doray & Arno Cost Remix)

5. Matteo DiMarr - Darkness

6. Elektrochemie - Mucky Star

7. Adam Freeland - Under Control (Miles Dyson remix)

8. Tocadisco - Better Begin (Gui Boratto Remix)

9. Redvade - Secret Garden

10.Patrick La Funk - Restless (Tim Weeks Remix)

11.Giash - My Little Lady Birds (remix)

12.M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade - O Superman

13.Matt Samuels - Enjoy The Silence (Noir Remix)

14.Alex Kenji - Do What You Like

15.Moby - Ooh Yeah! (D.Ramirez Haunted Playground Remix)

16.Format B - Edding 850

17.Noir - Clickit (Ruddi Stakker Remix)

18.Shlomi Aber - Efrat

19.Moonbeam - Storm Of Clouds

20.Delerium - Silence (NVG & Thomas Gold Remix)

21.Benny Benassi - Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha Remix)

22.Gui Boratto - Annunication

23.Deadmau5 - Brazil (2nd Edit)

24.Format B - Something Suitable

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spewin' its alright though its no good anyway. Shit mixing... very very shit. Don't even know why i put it up. it sounded good when i was pissed! ill see if number 2 is any good when we do it this sat.

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Reminded me of something that happened the other day... mate came round, we got pretty trashed and ended up in the studio writing "THE MOST SUPER-GAY TRACK IN THE WORLD"

sounded pretty good, considering we were taking the piss... he goes home, i tell him i'll top and tail it and we'll have a laff when i drop it at a club one nite.

Wander down the studio the next nite, open the project titled "THE MOST SUPER-GAY TRACK IN THE WORLD" and sit back to listen to our creation...

... fits of laughter later, i decide it's utter crap. timing all over the shop, wrong notes, a couple of random 7 bar phrases... yeah, shite!

Moral of the story? Have a listen the next day!

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haha exactly what i did! listened the next day and shat my pants in disappointment. I have a track in the works at the moment. All the parts are done just have to arrange it. Would love for you to try it in the club when i finish it. Sounds like one of your recent tracks. Real dirty bass line... sorta sound like a Mr. Oizo track, or somethin from ed banger... i don't know.. its just diiiiiiirty  :)

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hey  CT just finished an arrangement im quite happy with. Goes for 6:05 sort of benny Bennasi simple kick and snare. But i was only lookin for basic drums, then i have a dirty as shit bass line over it. Ill put it up tomorrow night after i finish work!:bang: fuckin last day thank god for that. Anyway lookin forward to gettin some feed back on it soon!

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