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archietech - live on nsbradio [20-8-08]

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recorded this early saturday morning (20-8-08) live on NSBradio (

roots in breaks but dips into tech-funk territory. starts off with a couple of my favourite older tracks and then gets a bit more funky.

since it was live on radio there's a bit towards the end where i was talking and a bit loops for quite a long time - sorry!! the mic wasn't recorded in the mix so no need to worry about hearing my dulcet tones, but yeah, apologies all the same.

recorded using 2 x 1200s, x92 + kp3

hope you guys enjoy it, was a lot of fun and went down well (just like my clydesdale)

archietech - [liVE] on 20-9-08

get it here!!!!

size = 77mb

quality = 192kbps

length = 56 minutes

genre = breaks / tech-funk


luke chable & bonnici - ride [have a break mix]

nubreed & luke chable - one day [luke chable extension mix]

dylan rhymes - muzika [rogue element mix]

dylan rhymes & blende - stars [koma & bones mix]

dopamine & klaus hill - ah baby [elite force mix]

bass kleph & anthony paul - helium [karton mix]

klaus heavyweight hill - boombaclart [original mix]

e-the-hot & franchising - the people [madox iz it discofunk mix]

hyperion - on the expressway [zodiac cartel mix]

sawtooth sucka - no ordinary girl [zodiac cartel mix]

adam freeland - heel & toe feat. juice aleem and toastie [evil nine mix]

cheers, have a good one, and listen to it LOUD!!!!

or something

woop woop!

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that blasted captain terrific!! gosh sometimes he just makes me so mad

(the mic was purposely not recorded on the copy that i recorded - [recorded from the booth and the main out went to the stream])

no dj talkover!! no gimp talkover either.

cheers mate be keen to hear what you think!!! hope you enjoy it :)

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Not as mad as poor ol' CT must have been...

re: the mix... straight in, no mucking around, just as I like it.

Track of the mix for me was:

dopamine & klaus hill - ah baby [elite force mix]

Love it! :)

You know ya really need to get yourself over to Perth for Breakfest Day (the day after Christmas Day)...


Cheers for the mix, will get plenty of rotation into summer, I'm sure. :D

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yeah that would be an awesome thing to go to mate. i wish! i hope the drumatic's come down this way.

very glad you liked the mix, thanks a lot!!!!

poor ct :)

when i started doing the show i was awesome and used the booth-output to stream and hence the mic wasn't in the mix and it sure was confusing! haha

thanks again for the feedback, greatly appreciated!


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Captain Terrific can probably offer a few pointers here... ::)


im still miffed about that, had some great bouncy bouncy goodness and hugeness basslines to the max baby yeah.

pissing monkey indeed.

hey arch, i promise i'll record this weeks set, and i won't fuck it up. u have some rockin choons in that setlist, shall d'l and do the boogey thing. Is it retail friendly?? can i play it in mah moosic shoppe?

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haha nice mate nice! look very forward to it. send it my way please!!!!!

yep it's 'clean' too. kind-of strange a guess but yeah, would be safe for shop listening (unless there's something i'm forgetting!!)

thanks for checking it out!

be very keen indeed to hear what you and ehsan think. makes me quite nervous actually. bastardos.

it's 'slow' for breaky stuff around 128'ish mark i think, i was going to say slow for how i usually play but i never actually know what i'm playing until i've played it etc

thx e & ct!!!

fun fact: at the moment i'm drinking canadian club and fruit punch as i've got no bloody mixer. not that bad at all believe it or not. killlllll meeeeeeee

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