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The Apple friendly VSTs thread

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Name : Ohm Force - Ohmicide: Melohman v1.10

Features : It's commercial common knowledge that "people always want more distortions" and this is exactly what Ohmicide: Melohman is delivering. In one death blow.

Based on Predatohm design, Ohmicide:Melohman is organized around up to four frequency bands, each of them coming with their own Noise Gate, Dynamics, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities with just a twist of pre- and post-processing (distortion input, high shelf output...).

The DSP is 100% different from Predatohm: compressor/expander works differently to fit well with both the very sharp Noise Gate we've included and the huge amount of new distortions. Those are at the core of Ohmicide. They're designed to offer pretty much everything you can think of next to a lot of things you can't think of. Some, like the tasty "Porridge" distortion sounds deliciously analog, while the "Fractal" one is harsh and digital as hell. Or you've got the very dense "Accumulator" that can add low harmonics instead of high.

"Ohmicide: Melohman v1.10 is out! It features ten new fresh hot base distortion algorithms as well as several improvements and bug fixes. As usual, the update is free for registered users"

Price : ?


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Name : IK Multimedia - SampleMoog

Features : SampleMoog includes the sounds of all the most sought-after vintage and modern Moog™ synthesizers spanning the entire Moog history, in an easy to use, sample-based virtual instrument “powered by SampleTank” available as a plug-in for the most popular DAWs and a standalone application for Mac and PC.

• One of the most complete collections of Moog sounds ever released in one product, done in cooperation with Moog Music® and Sonic Reality.

• Over 1,700 sounds from 16 rare, collectable Moog synths, spanning the entire Moog history, accurately sampled and fully produced with 32 built-in effects.

• 16 part multitimbral sample-based synth, allows extremely complex synth layering and advanced manipulation possibilities with STRETCH™ engine.

• Sounds can be read by SampleTank and can be used to expand its world of sounds.

SampleMoog offers over 1,700 basses, leads, pads and effects sounds from the very first Moog Modular systems to rare Minimoogs to Taurus™ Bass Pedals, Polymoogs, Memorymoogs and more. Whether you want a lead sound or a phat R&B synth bass or swirling fx, this is the ultimate source for everything Moog! Load up monster Moog Modular patches, pull up the powerful rumbling sound of Moog Taurus 1 Bass pedals and shake the house! The SampleMoog takes you back in time to the days of analog and honors one of the founding fathers of synthesis, Bob Moog. An homage to the incredible range of instruments from the first Etherwave® Theremin to the latest Minimoog® Voyager®, this virtual instrument is a must-have for any fan of the “Moog Sound” as well as an analog synth powerhouse for any music style.

Software Features

SampleMoog is based on the SampleTank engine, offering unique proprietary features like one-click sound browsing, multiple synth-engines including real-time harmonic manipulation of the waves, built-in vintage multi-effects and fast loading samples for studio or playing live. SampleMoog not only brings you the classic analog sound of Moog but also goes far beyond by combining it with the modern technology of the SampleTank engine which includes analog modeled effects, DSP and IK’s exclusive STRETCH™.

• 16 part multitimbral sample-based synth

• Stand-alone and plug-in for VST, AU, RTAS on Mac/PC

• 2 synth engines (Resampling and STRETCH™)

• Built-in multi-effects with 4 effects per part selectable on 32 high-quality DSP effects, with BPM sync

• Over 50 synth controls with Mono/Poly/Legato modes with selectable Legato, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, syncable LBF/BPF/HPF Filters, Velocity, Range and Macro controls

• Sounds can be read by SampleTank

• Easy to use full MIDI control

• 256 notes polyphony

Sound Features

16 highly acclaimed Moog synthesizers have been meticulously sampled and expertly programmed by IK and Sonic Reality’s sound designers. There are over 600 multi-sampled sounds with over 1,000 preset patches totaling more than 4GB of samples in SampleMoog, from the rarest vintage models to the most modern top of the range Moog synthesizers. Click here to see descriptions and pictures of all the sampled Moog synthesizers.

1. Modular Moog 3C

2. Modular Moog 15

3. Modular Moog 55

4. Minimoog® Model D

5. Polymoog

6. Taurus™ 1

7. Prodigy

8. Multimoog 9. Vocoder

10. Concertmate MG-1

11. Source

12. Rogue

13. Memorymoog

14. Etherwave® Theremin

15. Minimoog® Voyager®

16. Little Phatty®

Price : 249 Euros


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Name : AudioRealism Drum Machine (ADM) v1.0.1

Features : This update fixes a number of issues and some improvements. A detailed list is below.


* Changed model output menu

* Flash instrument selector buttons when instrument is triggered

* Fixed: Import 909 Sysex on Mac was not functioning

* Fixed: Rebirth import problem on PPC Macs

* Fixed: Import sysex on Mac

* Fixed: Decay rate of the 909 crash

* Fixed: Denormal issue on cowbell generator

* Fixed: Denormal issue on 808 cymbal generator

* Fixed: 606 HT envelope being inverted at high pitch

* Improvements to the 909 clap

* Improved 909 snare drum sound

* Increased 606 tune range

* Minor optimizations

* Reduced CPU spikes

* Idle CPU time reduced

* Improved GUI response on PPC macs

* Other minor fixes

Booming bassdrums, saucy cymbals and crispy snares can be used to describe the sound of drum machines from the early 80's. ADM contains three classic vintage drum machines from that era rolled into one, combined with a 32-step internal sequencer and pattern controlled fx (PCF). Get all your patterns into ADM via the Import Rebirth function or directly from your old 909 via sysex (we will provide a free tool for dumping sysex).


* Three realtime switchable drum machine models

* Internal 32 step sequencer with global accent per step, four prescale selections per pattern, flam and shuffle, 128 patterns per instance

* Pattern transformation functions: Expand, shrink, swap, duplicate steps, randomize pattern, randomize part, cut/copy/paste pattern and parts

* Undo function for pattern transformation functions

* Pattern Controlled FX (PCF) which can control any of the parameters for each step

* Various pattern transformation functions

* Full MIDI CC with learning function

* Rebirth pattern import

* Imports 909 Sysex

* Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note)

* Tempo sync to host

* Polyphony: 11 parts total

* Outputs: 11 individual unprocessed (VST version only to date), 2 master outputs (processed)

* Pattern library

* Trigger your own .wav and .aif samples

* 80+ example patterns

Price :  ?


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Name : Sugar Bytes - Unique LE

Features : Dont wait a second and shake hands with

the new superhero of your synthesizer rack!

The sound is right in the face, basses team up with bass drums, mouth watering pads make love to cutting edge vowel leads!

UniqueLE is the small brother of our UniqueLE Synthesizer.

It contains exactly the same circuitry and sounds as fat as the big version.


- 300 Presets

- 2 multimode oscillators with individial amp envelopes

- the most versatile filter in a synth: 5 modes x 5 mods x 9 vowels

- arpeggiator per osc with dual-voice mode

- 8 voice polyphony

- internal control sources: LFO, Envelope and Step Sequencer

- multi effect

- sub sine oscillator

- super versatile retrigger system for modulators

- super complex all analog style circuitry at a tiny cpu charge

Presets can be exchanged between the full and the LE version.

Unique features which are not present in UniqueLE:

- Polyphonic pan

- Pan per oscillator (just a master pan)

- Autopan

- Vibrato

- 2nd Effect Section

- Motion (Recordable XY) Controller

Unique LE Features:





Triple Saw


Triple FM

Noise (with tonal filter)

Sub Sine (in master section)


2 Pole Highpass

2/4 Pole Bandpass

4 Pole Lowpass

Comb Filter

Each Filter can operate in Vowel Mode and contains five modulation engines to choose from:



4 Step Sequencer





Filter Delay



Multimode Filter





8 Step Sequencer)


Midi Learn

Host Automation



Easy Assignment via Rightclick on any control.



Polyphonic Glide

Duophonic Arpeggiator per Osc

Vowel Filter Mode

Multi Effect

Many Trigger Modes for Modulators

Price : 69 Euro


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Name : Arturia - Analog Factory v2.0

Features : New Features:

* Includes 3500 sounds instead of 2000

* Now includes presets from the acclaimed Jupiter-8V

* Improved effects management

* Vst 2.4 Cubase 4 ready

Main Bug Fixes:

* Preset switching has been improved to avoid any problems whilst browsing presets and playing simultaneously

* Improved loading time

* Hanging notes have been eradicated when used within a sequencer

* The preset database has been updated to avoid presets with same name and/or sound

* Fixed a bug in the minimoog engine: on mac intel, some preset parameters could go out of range and cause a bad sound

* The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been improved

* Preferences are now saved automatically after each change to avoid any loss of midi configuration or snapshots

Analog Factory is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use virtual instrument. Loaded with 2000 legendary sounds carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths, Analog Factory provides the contemporary musician with a broad, versatile and instantly striking sonic palette. It is also a very versatile instrument: all sounds are dramatically modifiable, which makes this software stand apart from any sample -based collection of sounds.


* 2000 analog synthesizers sounds that have defined the sound of modern music.

* All presets are carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths (minimoog V, Moog Modular V, CS-80V, ARP 2600 V, Prophet V and Prophet VS). These TAE® powered sounds offer unparalleled audio quality.

* Smart Preset Manager. Fast filter the presets to your requirements: by Instrument, by Type (Bass, Pads, Leads…) and/or by Characteristics (hard, soft, complex, simple, short, long…), and find presets according to these filtered choices.

* Organize Presets view by Name, Instrument, Type, CPU usage, Favorites, or User Presets.

* Straight forward Editing, with the most essential parameters for personalizing presets: (Filter and LFO sections, 4 Key Parameters differing for each preset, Chorus & Delay mix, ADSR envelope)

* 8 SNAPSHOTS buttons (quickly store up to 8 snapshots for sound comparisons, variations…)

* Integrated as a plug-in within your sequencer, on Mac and PC, or plays as a stand-alone software synthesizer.

* Optimize your screen space: chose to view the Preset Manager only, the Keyboard only, or both at the same time.

* Set to Control with your external MIDI keyboard in just a few clicks.

* Save and recall presets.

Price : 199 Euro


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Name : d16 group - Nepheton VSTi

Features : Nepheton is a drum machine VSTi.

From the homepage:



Nepheton contains 16 fully synthesized instruments perfectly emulating the famous 8o8 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly. The instruments models are equipped with additional controls giving you possibility to tweak the sound much better. Listen to the first audio demos. New examples coming soon...


Nepheton has a flexible output configuration. Every instrument's audio signal can be routed to any of the 16 outputs. This allows users to further shape sounds individually or in groups via their favourite plug-ins.

Each individual output can be set to mono or stereo. Every instrument also has a Mute, Solo button and Activity led. Mute will not just silence the sound, it will stop the sound being triggered. Solo will stop all other instruments from being triggered and only allow the selected sound(s) to play.


Nepheton has extensive midi control. Midi notes can be used to trigger each individual sound. Alternatively, the internal sequencer can be used. This can be set to play using Nepheton's internal clock or set to synchronize perfectly to the host sequencer.

Most of Nepheton's parameters can be automated within the host and also controlled using MidiCC with an external controller. An easy-to-use Midi Learn function allows reassignment of any of the parameters.

Internal Sequencer

Internal sequencer's memory contains 16 patterns. Every pattern has 4 segments - part 1/2 and variation A/B. Every segment consists of 16 steps. Each pattern location has a midi note number assigned to it. The patterns can be edited traditionally using the step buttons or using the tap function.

The internal sequencer has various modes of operation. In Chain Mode, a range of patterns are selected from the internal banks and are played through in a circular fashion. Patterns can also be triggered freely by selecting the corresponding midi note (for example, from a midi controller keyboard). External controllers can be used in any mode to provide full control over pattern playback. There is also possibility to trigger (automatically or manually) fill in patterns. Additionaly it can be defined whether the pattern should be preceded by introduction pattern.

A Randomizer function is also provided within the internal sequencer. It can be used to make simple changes to a pattern or create a whole new one - ideal when your creativity needs a boost! Randomizing can be applied to specific instruments and specific steps. The frequency of occurrence can also be adjusted to give you just the right amount.

Files are stored in the XML format. This allows single patterns or whole banks to be exchanged between users easily. XML allows the files to be edited in a text editor. Ideal if you want to post or share a pattern on a web site - just post the text!

Full Features

* 16 fully synthesized instruments

* perfectly scaled knob ranges

* exhanced control of instruments' sounds

* dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs

* user defined outputs configuration

* mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggerring not just the signal)

* fully controllable via MidiCC

* quick midiCC assignation with MidiLearn function

* many ways of controlling the device:

o external mode (note mode)

o internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 submodes

* external mode:

o user defined midi map (default set equal to General Midi)

o midi tune and velocity controls instruments' levels and tunes

* internal sequencer:

o 16 patterns (12 basic rythms and 4 intros/fill ins

o pattern contains up to 4 segments (up to 16 steps per segment)

o each segment can be defined with one of four available measures

o each step can be defined normal or accented

o shuffle mode

o tap mode

o chain mode

o Shuffle and Accent values defined per pattern part

o Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure)

o built in Randomizer (selection of instruments to random, steps to be affected, frequency of the randomized notes and more)

o patterns import/export via human readable xml files

* two modes of synchronization:

o precise synchronization to the host tempo

o synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)

* preset manager

Price : ?


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Three cheers for Donnie - nice finds :clap: :clap: :clap:

Now I have something to waste Anzac day doing... I'd hope that some of them at least have RTAS support too...  ;)

Aw, cheers  :-[ thanks man

(psst, what is RTAS support?  :-[)

</eternal noob>

cute! looks just like the end of a Juno-6. Now for the big questions: can you jam in both buttons at once??? (my favourite j-6 "feature" ;D )

haha, i wanna hear a sample of THAT

which reminds me.. would love to find some glitch synths if anyone knows some good ones

okay, thats enough postin' for me today folks , my bday tommorow and im off to Bris tonight :(

more later, peace

im pillaging these sweet links off one site atm but therell be more resources linked up soon btw

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Wow nice work Donnie !

^^ I think RTAS is the ProTools format of plugin ..

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Wow nice work Donnie !

^^ I think RTAS is the ProTools format of plugin ..

Correct - Real Time AudioSuite

It seems most plugs are avail for RTAS if they've been ported to Mac - but not always :(

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these need another listing over here, i think they are tight sounding plugs and great creative tools

Name : soundmagic spectral

Features :

SoundMagic Spectral is a FREEWARE suite of 23 Audio Unit plug-ins that implement real-time spectral processing of sound. This groundbreaking set of effects give you unprecedented control and creativity in the processing of audio, whether from static audio files or live audio streams. SoundMagic Spectral builds on the work of the OS 9 software known as SoundMagic DSP, and takes it to even more exotic sonic realms.


Included in SOUNDMAGIC SPECTRAL are the following plug-ins:

    Spectral Averaging • Spectral Bin Shift • Spectral Blurring • Spectral DroneMaker

    Spectral Emergence • Spectral Filterbank • Spectral Freezing • Spectral Gate and Hold

    Spectral Gliding Filters • Spectral Granulation • Spectral Harmonizer • Spectral Partial Glide

    Spectral Pitch Shift • Spectral Pulsing • Spectral Shimmer • Spectral Shuffle

    Spectral Stretch • Spectral Tracing

    Chorus • Comb Filter Bank • Grain Streamer • Idee Fixer • Mr Filterbank




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I'd like to put forward the LFX-1310, from Luxonix.

It's a multi-effects plug-in with some very useful effects and some pretty funny ones.  I don't know if this is the fanciest plug-in out there, but there's a Mac and PC version, so I can share Reaper projects with my PC based band-mate.

The most useful feature for us is the measure/tempo-based delay, so my epic guitar delay lines up with the beat! B)


From their site:

*LFX-1310 is a Free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots. This freeware is the stand-alone version of Effecting Module of Ravity(S) & Ravity®. Every algorithm realizes the very effect you have on your mind, and is fully optimized for low CPU load.

KVR Members New Year Survey January 2005

Free Plug-in Effect of the Year

LUXONIX' multi-effect LFX-1310 took top honors in the Free effects category, beating Blockfish by 35 votes with Retro Delay only 2 votes behind in third; in fact only 6 votes separated 2nd to 5th.


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I don't know what's worse - the Jobs stains on my good dress and in my mouth or another Gates fanboi tossing off.

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What can I say, I make my living in documentary video editing and animation.  There are certain tools for the trade....hence my contribution to the thread.

The sad part is that while I've had the best computing experiences of my life using Macs - I'm not looking forward to bringing my Macbook Pro on stage at a dive bar when I get my electro-post-metal project ready.  The stupid computer is worth more than the rest of the other gear put together.  I suppose at some point I'll need a less dear machine that I can travel with.  Then DVDA and I can rejoice in my renunciation of "bum sex" and talk about affordable/disposable/yet serviceable laptops.

On that note -- anyone in the Washington DC Region interested in a Bjork vs Isis project?  Keys/beats and possibly vocals? (perhaps a topic for another thread)

Anyway -- Thanks to Mr Darko for starting this thread.  I'm looking forward to trying those Voxengo plug-ins!


Ever Your Totoro

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You sure people like Avid don't mak Windows version?

Where i come from, you like that guys that say "i'm not gay but my boyfriend is". Either you like Apple bum sex or you live the way god intended with Windows.

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