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[Free Download] Synaecide - Manifestations [Album]

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hey guys,

haven't been on here for a while with crazy holiday shenadigans and busy with my album which i'm quite glad to say is finished and released! wasn't exactly sure where i could put this so i thought this section would be appropriate. it's a free download that i've released myself, after waiting for too long for a netlabel to release it and getting fed up.

anyways, now for the run down.

Download Here

the VBR ZIP is probably the one you want to download, otherwise you can download the tracks seperatly at 256kb, but the VBR sounds alright.


Synaecide's (pronounced sin-a-side) debut album "Manifestations" is offered into the underground electronica scene with plenty of verve and sonic variation. It's bends expectations of genre specific structure and form, putting a creative spin on today's electronica. The album has a clear sense of contrast and juxtaposition, and is filled with engery, originality and a feeling of playfulness.

01.Fallen Angel

02.Creeping Darkness


04.Binary God

05.It Approaches


07.Into the Night

08.Disappearing Act

09.Taking Control

10.Giving in


12.The Sparkle



e ::[email protected]::


or Download From SoundPunk Mirror

hope you enjoy it! let me know what you think.

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wow , nice work ..  good to see people pushing them selves. .  I havnt listened yet , but I will when I get home ...

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thanks mate - it's been harder work than i thought - getting it out there myself. but i think i've learnt so much from doing it all for myself..

thanks again, hope you like it! ;)

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HOLY CRAP!     THis is fucking awesome ..  I wasnt expecting this at all...  Fallen angel is killer !!!

Wow ..  very very nice work  .. Where abouts are you from mate ? id like to know where I can catch one of your sets ..

Apologies it took me so long to check it out  , but with releases like this , and for free ?  your gunning to take pendulums crown from the d&b world.     

I get a very  dom and roland vibe from this ..

This is download of the month for sure ..   Do you mind if its posted front page ?

p.s .. where the hell do you get all your sounds from ??

p.p.s ..  moved this thread to the Track Reviews section ,  it'll probably get a bit more attention here

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top work dude and great design

werewolf is my fave

lovin the gameboy-core melodies

reckon they'd go down a treat in japan :)

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Wow! What a masterpiece! :clap:

Exquisite creativity, detail and flow. Superb matching of traditional musicianship with the slickest of trick shot effects!

What else can I say? Absolutely top stuff! :)

Thank YOU for sharing!  :-*

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hey guys thank you so much. i'm stoked that you guys can appriciate it so much :) hey cheyne - no probs with you putting it up the front page, thank you infact.

i'm in melbourne at the moment - currently workin on my liveset. it's pretty much at the very start of creation at present, but i've been offered a couple of gigs possibly in april/may - which i think i can work towards.

as far as the sounds - the creation of these tracks span from dec 2006 to about sep 2007, so there's quite a few different methods involved. there's some samples involved, some mangling, some recording etc.

hey jed :) thanks mate, japan has always striked me as a place that might enjoy it hehehe.

and spectrum thanks as well for listening and your feedback. glad it was so well recieved.

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