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Patch Name Library (.MIDNAM)

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I've had a couple of requests for patch name files and thought, where better but to store them here.  8)


I used Cherry Picker (Mac OS X only) to assist in creating them.

These files are in .midnam format, and tailored for Pro Tools. However, using the application, one can set the 'save-as format' to suit Digital Performer, Cubase, or FreeMIDI.

I'll get the ball rolling with a couple I've made/tweaked myself.

If you are after a particular patch name file, shout out and perhaps someone else might upload it for you. I can also talk you through making them yourself via the Cherry Picker application. It really is quite easy, particularly if you can get your hands on an electronic owners manual (PDF) where the patch names are already typed up for you to copy/paste.


After downloading the file, place it here:


N.B. If you can't download, try right-click+save. Let me know if you have any problems getting them up and running.


- Proteus 2000 (with Composer + X-Lead1 + World + Techno Synth ROMs)


- MPX 500


- FS1R

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OK, after testing the downloads from this page, they appear to be given a .txt tag.

You'll need to delete this off the tail of the filename, so it finishes just in .midnam. Fingers crossed.

Otherwise, you can grab them directly from the 'Patches' directory from the 'File Manager' (located in the Quick Links) ;)

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