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Pro Tools Troubleshooting & Maintenance

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Hey PT heads, noticing enough problems getting solved around a few posts and some tips devoted to basic maintenance and troubleshooting that I thought I'd set up a central archive for quick access.

To me Pro Tools is like a European sportscar - exotic expensive components, requires extra skill to keep it humming, and limited  3rd-party compatibility  :-[

But crikey when she's running well PT performs like a Formula 1  ;)

So get under the hood, tinker with the engine, learn to service it yourself and you'll have many happy miles!

Since a troubleshoot session can evolve over several posts as different things are tried out, I'd encourage reading the whole thread if it's remotely related to your issue. Often there are several scenarios and solutions posted throughout it.

10 Tips for Successful Pro Tooling (audiogeekzine)

All Systems

Everyday tips for beginners and lazy pros alike ;)

Driver Install Error (EdWood5150)

PT 7.0, PC/Windows

Pro Tools 7.0 installs poorly on PC. Upgrade solutions.

External Hard Drives (EdWood5150)


Problems and solutions re accessing external hard drives with PT on Windows. Links to Digidesign articles and tips on correct formatting.

MBox 2 and Powerbook G4 issues (Amz-Star)

Mbox 2, OSX

Problem with communication between MBox 2 and Powerbook G4, OS 10.4.10. Link to Digidesign troubleshooting.

MIDI Installation and Setup (TsonicTsunami)

002, Korg, PC/Windows

Troubleshooting tips for setting up MIDI tracks and monitoring external synths with a Digi 002.

Power PC Plug-ins on Intel Macs (Lukehill)

Intel Macs

Installing PowerPc format plug-ins on an Intel Mac slows down PT. Solution provided.

PT and Coreaudio Conflict with Auto-Start Apps (rhythmboy)


Some auto-start programs also start Coreaudio when you boot up the Mac. This can prevent PT from starting up. How to turn this off.

PTLe Installation Issue (Vagrant Producer)

PT 7.4, Windows Vista

Problem and solution to installation error under Windows Vista. How to set up Vista admin accounts.

Restoring Lost or Corrupt Fade Files (rhythmboy)

All Systems

Corrupted fades appear in a session and solutions discussed. How to restore lost or corrupted fades.

Sampletank Errors (Lukehill)


Problems with Sampletank Le freezing PT and resetting the Sampletank prefernces.

Saving Error -36 (Spectrum)


Various suggestions for diagnosing and removing Error -36 when saving PT sessions.

Synth Patch Names (Spectrum)


Solutions for efficiently importing synth patch names into PT.

System Interrupt Error -6086 (PatS)


Various tips for optimising hard drive and system performance for PT on PC.

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Time for an update, the latest tech support threads added here. Cheers to Anders for jumping on this year and offering accurate and friendly advice  :clap:

MBox as Primary Interface - PC (DUST)


Settings for running all PC audio from your MBox

External Hard Drive issues - DAE Error -9131 (Sid)


Numerous suggestions for sorting out problems recording to an external drive

Recording MIDI to Audio Tracks (Tsonic Tsunami)

All Systems

Solution for routing MIDI to audio using Auxes and Buses

MIDI Device Installation and Setup (Tsonic Tsunami)


Full setup and install of MIDI devices to Apple's AudioMIDI Setup Utility and its relevance to Pro Tools

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