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Interactive lecture on hearing and auditory perception

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Running with a theme at the mo...  ;)

Rather than try to explain everything myself, I found this fantastic set of lecture notes from the University of Sussex in the UK, written by Chris Darwin.

Of interest is part 2 - the section on the auditory nerve - explains how vibrations from the basilar membrane are converted into electrical voltages that are sent down a tube of neurons to the brain stem. Explained in reasonably straightforward terms with several graphs.

Also starts with an intro the ear itself and goes on later to talk about perception of sound as well. Good stuff.

It also has a fantastic prac exercise in an Excel workbook, with instructions and answers. Well-designed formula macros* let you add multiple frequencies together and Excel plots graphs that show you how the ear will interpret the relative amplitudes and phase of each frequency. A really simple way of showing us visually how we hear. The instruction doc also has a quiz for those who are really keen :D

Props to Chris Darwin, he's my new hero  :clap:

* .xlt file, may download as 'binary' but will open in Excel. Must enable Macros if Excel prompts you. Go for it, it's perfectly safe ;)

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