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This is my blood sweat and tears from that other forum - you know, the one I moderate. Be nice to see some of you cunts over there raising the tone of the place a bit from time to time too.  8)

So I've put together a list of some of the freeware plugs that I use here and there as well as a couple of lists where you can find HUNDREDS of freebies ranging from outstanding to totally strange...

I've always said that if some people spent as much time learning their VSTs as they did trying to get the lastes warez their music would be much nicer Here's a chance to not just get some unusual and lesser known sounds, but save some money and learn a whole new bunch of things - for free!

Please add to this list and I encourage y'all to get stuck into checking some of this stuff out.

So presenting: The freeware plugs list! (now with some semblance of formatting!)

I find my free plugs through these sites: - Praise the lord – you can search by license! Select Free + Unreleased and you’re off!

The List!

Novaflash Oxytocin - Fairly uber synth

Tweakbench Yoink – I love this kind of shit. Chop chop with cool spinny sounds

Voxengo Tempo Delay – Swoit stereo delay

Voxengo Span – Awebus freeborage spectrum analyser

Voxengo Oldschoolverb – Yup

This is a laugh :


After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others. My product has improved significantly. I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons. As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work. After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively

Voxengo Overtone – Good graphic with 7 band excitation generator for maximum thrill

Voxengo Bleeper – This is awesome. Insert beeps all through your music with absolute confidence

Casio VL tone VL-1 emulator – Total Classic! A GENUINE synthesizer recreation with functional calculator mode.

Tweakbench Triforce – 3 voice Nintendo synth. Too awesome.

Live Lab Touchpad 2 MIDI – I almost wanna keep it to myself Sweet sweet sweet for those of us who use a synaptics device on a lappy. 4 slider mode!

Toad – The Nintendo drumkit. Go crazy Mario coin sound!

Super Eel – Audio to MIDI + synthesizer. Sing your drumkit.

Sxratch – For us total white guys who can’t scratch – now you can. Lolzords if you’re game to use it out.

For all the free ones

Step Machine – MIDI step sequencer

The Hands Of Darkness – This one’s the only not free one here but it’s just too fucking cool. Random unselttling noises synthesizers. Designed to make you creep out. Totally works!

S.I.R. – The best free impulse response verber round.

And plenty of impulses – pardon the German

Contralogic – Whistler is real cool. Chekkem all out.

RS Rivers Of Babylon – Get your stream and woods on. Down by the river.

NDC Particle Fountain – Not tried but looks cool. Name says it.

NDC Feedback-y Thing – For the name alone.

NSC Reversinator – The big black button of backwards

Zamp – 3 voice piss easy sampler. Like Simpler but x 3 with basic zones.

Krakli Who – The Dr. Who synth - lovely theremin vibe with delay and the cutest interface around.

Gargoyle – Horror movie music synth

Both from:

Bome – MIDI Keyboard for your qwerty and of course the MIDI translator. Control photoshop with your synth.

Dasample Glaceverb – Clever delay with awesome metal and water modelling. Take the choon for a swim.

Klang Labs Overdubber – Delay with eternal and EXPLODE feedback. Very Dub, but so so much more.

Tweakbench Papaya – Go calypso!

Nusofting – Da Hornet WASP emulator

Multiband Stereo Faker – Widen the highs and mono the bass. Then fuck with the rest of it!

Waves L1 emulator

Ninjam – Realtime (well, sort of) real audio live jamming over the internet project.


Techno isn't afraid to slow the fuck down

Ehsan's GUTTER SMASH Live mix!

Smash Bang - Every Friday @ Lounge!!!

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most awecellent  :clap:

twerk is da man

thought i should share this with you guys

simple 2 osc (+ noise :P) synth with tempo sync delays I made with the free synth maker from cm a couple of months back..

(pc only though sorry)

i use it on pretty much everything

the minimogue va is prettty sweet too

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Stumbled across this...

Audio Software - A collection of the best free Audio Software

Nicely laid out, and from what I understand is in ongoing development/updating. Looks like it still needs a tweak as click on "Mac - Audio Editors" came up empty, whereas a quick scroll down to "Categories" (at the bottom of the page) provides the direct links.

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Here's some links to the free Digi plugs they offer straight from the Digi website. If you have purchased a Factory bundle you may already have them but for non-factory and upgrading users, could be helpful:

NB - you need to create an account with Digi to access them - the same account used for registration etc anyway.

NB - all in RTAS or TDM format only - no VST's sorry!

Structure Free - sample player instrument with 885Mb of sounds

Xpand! - four-part multi-layer synth instrument

Bomb Factory Plugs - BF76 compressor, BF essentials Clip Remover, Meter Bridge, phase correlation meter, noise meter, tuner and Funk Logic Masterizer (lo-fi fx)

Dynamics III - compressors, limiters and de-essers (stock with new V7 installs)

EQIII - equalizers (stock with new V7 installs)

SignalTools - Phase and level meters for stereo and surround

Time Shift - improved pitch shift and time stretch with multitrack support and Serato-style algorithms for monophonic and polyphonic music

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