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anyone done mixing/mastering for vinyl?

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A friend of mine wants me to remix and master a few of his death metal band's tracks recorded onto Pro Tools that will be pressed onto vinyl.  I've never done mixing or mastering for vinyl and another friend of mine suggested that I need to check the if the low end is out of phase because this can cause the needle to jump and he also said that I need to not put in too much low frequencies because the phono amp will boost the low end a bit.

has anyone mixed/mastered material that has been pressed onto vinyl?  Is their any other suggestions you could make?

How does the track sound on vinyl compared to the mix in Pro Tools (or whatever program/tape the tracks were recorded onto) in terms of frequency content, level and dynamics?

any suggestions would be appreciated


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There are several articles out there on the topic, including one by Tony Mantz/Jack the Bear from his website (you may have copy from last year ;) )

In essence, from what I understand the main things are:

- the whole mix should in L/R phase but especially low end below 300Hz

- the mix should be pretty much mono below 200Hz or so

- roll off freq below 40Hz

- roll off freq above 16kHz

- ^ if it dulls or thins the mix, boost a little 80Hz and 8kHz to compensate (or freq that complement the mix)

- avoid stereo enhancers like the plague

- avoid modulation effects like stereo flange and other phase-shifting tricks on bass instruments and sounds

- don't over-compress - the master gets peak-limited again by the vinyl cutter

I haven't done a lot but I have mastered a few tunes using the tricks above for UK vinyl release and both artist and label were happy with the results.

In each case I just used Waves Renaissance Comp, Renaissance 6-band EQ and L1+. This was back on version 2.8 before they had all the newfangled fancy stuff. Goes to show that good basic tools will do the job just fine if you use your ears and common sense.

Hope that helps  ;)

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