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On ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2007 at 5:53 PM, Cheyne said:

A whole big pack of PDF's containing some very useful articles on various sound engineering topics.

Author Notice:

All articles within this pack were written and provided by Sound On Sound Magazine -

List of file's below:


  1. Advanced Compression - 1.pdf
  2. Advanced Compression - 2.pdf
  3. Advanced Gating - 1.pdf
  4. Advanced Gating - 2.pdf
  5. Advanced Reverb - 1.pdf
  6. Advanced Reverb - 2.pdf
  7. Alternative Uses For Auto-Tune .pdf
  8. Audio Cables & Wiring.pdf
  9. Choosing A Recording Setup.pdf
  10. Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 1.pdf
  11. Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 2.pdf
  12. Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 3.pdf
  13. eartraining.pdf
  14. Faq Metering.pdf
  15. Faq Patchbays.pdf
  16. Faq Reducing Noise.pdf
  17. Faq Reverb.pdf
  18. Faq Using Mics.pdf
  19. Faq Voice Channels.pdf
  20. Getting A 'Produced' Sound.pdf
  21. Getting More Bass In Your Mix .pdf
  22. How & When To Use Mix Compression.pdf
  23. Improving Your Stereo Mix(1).pdf
  24. Introduction to Mixer Automation - 1.pdf
  25. Introduction to Mixer Automation - 2.pdf
  26. Making The Most Of PC System Resources.pdf
  27. Mastering On Your Pc.pdf
  28. Matching The Phase Of Mic & Di Signals.pdf
  29. Mixing Multitracked Drums.pdf
  30. Pc Hard Drive Audio Recording.pdf
  31. PC Soundcards.pdfPractical Mixing.pdf
  32. Recording Acoustic Guitar.pdf
  33. Recording Bass Guitar .pdf
  34. Recording Brass & Reeds.pdf
  35. Recording in One Room.pdf
  36. Recording Lead Vocals.pdf
  37. Recording Real Drums.pdf
  38. Recording Real Pianos.pdf
  39. Recording Strings.pdf
  40. Reducing Unwanted Background Noise In The Studio.pdf
  41. Secrets Of Warmth And Air.pdfStereo Editing 1.pdf
  42. Stereo Editing 2.pdfStereo Editing 3.pdf
  43. Studio Acoustics.pdf
  44. Surround Sound Explained Part 1.pdf
  45. Surround Sound Explained Part 2.pdf
  46. Surround Sound Explained Part 3.pdf
  47. tUnderstanding and Using Directional Mics.pdf
  48. Understanding Monitoris Part1.pdf
  49. Understanding Monitoris Part2.pdf
  50. Using EQ.pdf
  51. Using Microphones.pdf
  52. Virtual Mixers.pdf


Download Here


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