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Electro/satisfaction type bass in FL (can be applied to other DAW's)

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This is not my work. It was copied from a forum a while back. Sorry there is no Satisfaction MIDI file. But why dont you try and make one :)

Ok..We are going to make the famous "Benny Benassi" bass, for this we are going to use

the MIDI file of "Satisfaction" witch can be found here on the forum.

And we are going to use the 3x OSC synth in Fruity Loops.

First things first, lode the "Satisfaction" MIDI file in to FL. Now insert the 3x OSC

synth to the sequenser. The thing about the "Benassi" bass is that it or he use'es the saw

wave form. Select the saw wave form for all 3 OSC's. (they look like this |/| ) then follow

the panels to the right were you find the knobs "Pan", "CRS" and "Fine" take the "CRS knob's

all the way down to the left side. There that is the basic thing you need to do if you want

to creat a "Benassi" bass. Now listen to the melody in the 3x OSC synth...It's geting there,

but there is still some stuff left to do. We need effects Very Happy We need a "plat" reverb.

Select a mixer channel for the 3x OSC, i will use the FX 2 channel. I now insert a reverb to

the channel, i'm useing the "Fruity Reverb". Set the reverb to this settings:

LowCut: Around 700Hz

HighCut: Around 15kHz

Predelay: 0ms

RoomSize: Around 70size

Diffusion: 100

Color: Flat

Decay: Around 1.5sec

HighDamping: Around 11kHz

Dry: 100%

Reverb: Around 20%

There now we got a farly good "plat" reverb. Now we need a compressor, add one to the channel.

Again i will use the "Fruity Compressor" And set it to this settings:

Threshold: Around -18dB

Ratio: Around 2.0 : 1

Gain: Around 4dB

Attack: Around 25ms

Release: Around 500ms

Type: Hard

Ok...Now we are geting some where. You might want to Eq the bass as well, I will not go in to

that here, seeing Eq is a personal preferens Wink You can allso play whit the "Fruity Fast Dist"

And you can add a distortion plugin to maybe add a more dirtyer sound.

So the next thing in our small tutorial will be to "Sidechain" the bass. To do We are going

use a random kick sample and the "Fruity Peak Controller".

Insert an emtey channel in to the sequenser and load a random kick.

Line up a 4/4 beat and remeber to loop it, so i will play whit the bass all the way out!

Now select the FX 1 channel in the mixer for the kick. Insert a "Fruity Peak Controller"

In the "Peak" section of the controller (the top line). Bring the "Base" knob to about 12 O'clock,

the "Vol" knob to about 2 O'clock and the "Tns" draw an arrow pointing UP (^).

Now go to the sequencer and right click on the volume knob of the 3x OSC synth and select the

option "Link to controller" Do you see a small window? Good!

Under the "Internal Controller" there is a bar that say's "(none)" click on it so it drops down.

Select "Peak ctrl (FX 1) - Peak + LFO". Next press the down arrow next to "Mapping formula"

select the "Inverted" option and press "Ok".

Press play and there you Go, you got your self a "Benassi" style sounding bass.

Just remeber to experiment whit other settings for the reverb and other effects!!!

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