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So lets build this community ..  and lets start by introducing your selves ...

My names Cheyne , from Sydney Australia ;)

Im primarily a Network Engineer , Working as a full time network administrator for a nation wide enterprise.  I have my head in a computer a good 16 hours a day , so I try to put some of that to good use ... aka , welcome to soundpunk ;) ..

I do web development and design part time , more freelance work than anything , and develop web sites for everyone from medium sized business's to  DJ's and bands ..

My favorite piece of kit in my digital setup is probably my MOTU ultralight ... its just a kick ass unit ;)  ..  my Gibson Epiphone Black Beauty 2006 is also equal if not more a loved piece of hardware ;)

I played guitar for 6 years , and only recently picked it back up again after pretty much giving it up for the last 2 ..

Im into every thing from Ambient prog to driving prodigy style breaks ...  so pretty much everything ...

I run another 2 sites , which is just a site for close friends, party photos and pics from the weekends etc ...  and which is a  Articles and Tutorials site for pretty much anything tech , or geek .. including audio ;) ...        I plan to tie this site in closely with gazeek ;)  as gazeek is geared up to be a more structured professional presentation site ...      and its articles are more likely to be found scattered throughout the internet ...

I created this site because I wanted to create a community site thats not like the others ... I wanted to use my design skills to make something thats not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and friendly ...      I hate control freak internet forums with mods on a power trip , waving the "ban stick" over your heads 24/7 , so I can assure that wont happen here ... so long as your not a twat , or trying to flog something thats deemed illegal and cause problems for me, you wont have any problems ! ...   

Iv already put on some mods for a lot of the forums , and im sure they share the same view as me ... that is in wanting to create a quality community , with quality content in a friendly environment ..

The mods assigned to the forums are assigned to them for a reason , and that is they are generally pretty intelligent in that department ... so if you've got a question about a topic , ask the mod for that forum ...  Get Spectrum or Jester_Fu talking about something tech in their forums and im sure they'll talk your ears off ;)  .. ;D

So anyway , introduce your self ! .. What do you like ? what are you into ? ..    spill it ;)

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Hellooo... My name is Scott, aka Jester_Fu. I'm currently a Sydney resident, missing my old home town of Newcastle and the lifestyle i had there.

During the day, i sometimes claim to do work as an Electrical Engineer in a factory. I specialise in automation and control systems... which leaves me in my current ethical dilema of replacing staff at the factory i work in with Robots. About $7 million worth of robots this year. So, um... i love technology, but more improtantly i love solving problems. Before the robots i spent most of my time developing electronic hardware and firmware for communications birdges in industrial applications, and doing the whole integrator/control system thingy.

Audio and making music has been a fairly long term hobby of mine... about 10 years now. I've had some stuff released with a mate of mine years ago under the band name "SMACK.T.V." We never made much cash from it. In fact, we gave a whole EP worth of material to the 'record label' to release because they had a worthwhile cause in mind, and we were flattered they'd asked us for more tunes. So, um, yeah - not real business like in our approach, but shit we had (and still have) fun making music. And that's what it's all about in my books - enjoying what you do, regardless of how well you do it, how much you know about it and how good you think you are. WE did some live gigs, with metal bands to some mean looking crowds... and we did some other weird shit as well... but at the end of the day, we both found it was too much strain to organise live gigs so we stuck to hanging out a couple of days a week making tunes, tlaking shit and just having a laugh.

I worked in pro audio for a few years before i got the shits with it and went back to uni to finish my degree. I've done some live sound work (nothing like what Jude does or like what JohnVanraalte is now getting into!), set up a few club systems and had shit loads of fun selling and learning all the studio toys on offer about 8 years ago. Best way t oget to know something is when you can get it for nix off the distributor. Unfortunately... they will ask for it back most times ;) Done live mixing for everything from Sound of Music to Country and Western 'competitions' to Rock 'n' Roll and metal.

I've worked with a few friends (fragle and Jay Parker on here) in the past to promote electronic music in Newcastle... before giving up as the crew started to dispress. Basically, we'd through big fuck off parties with excellent sound, brilliant visiuals (done by another mate who's a video editor), cool lights (always a 150mW computer controlled laser somewhere in the room) and shit hot music. We always spent more than the takings on production for the gig... but none of us minded as long as people had a good time.

So, ummm, yeah. I love a good rant. Hell, i love a good discussion or debate. I'll often argue against someones idea just to hear them explain it, even if i don't believe the tact i'm taking... so fair warning ;) I don't mind having my idea's challenged, or what i post... so please do, we'll both get something out of it, even if we never agree!


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Alrighty then!

My name is Phil, born'n'bred in Sydney, Australia, for the first 29 years on this earth of ours, then into a campervan with my now-wifey for four-and-a-half months dawdling around this amazing country of ours, to wind up in Perth where we've happily settled these past few years.

Really got into music once I had my very own Voxson ghetto-blaster, courtesy of Sydney's Paddy's Market's back in 1984.

While my parents were steering me towards keyboards, my passion was driving me towards drums... beating onto the carpet with a couple of lengths of wooden dowel to the '12" Blaster Mix' of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in The Dark" (Hey, don't knock it 'til you've heard it! It absolutely rocks to this day! ;D )

High School = Drums, though off to a rocky start after Dad dropped a steel girder on my ankle while I was assisting him build the garage extension to family home. Not sure what hurt more: the girder cracking the two bones that run down the front of the shin, or the subsequent smash, bash, whack, crash through each doorjam from the front door, through every room as Dad carried me to my bedroom. Then just 10 or 15mins solace before well-meaning Dad tore my gym boot (well, this was 1988) from my ankle... AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  :'(

Amongst the Led Zeppelin back catalogue, Hendrix-through-to-Satriani-and-Vai, a girlfriend at the time roped me into Sydney's burgeoning rave scene. Always been a fan of the instrumental, emotional-without-words scoundscape journey, suddenly I'm immersed amongst Illuminatae's "Tremora Del Terror", DJ Hell's "My Definition Of House Music", Underworld's "Rez", and Jones & Stephenson's slammin' stormer "The First Rebirth" (Click here for a taste).

Worked in television for a decade from here, putting programmes and (info/com)mercials into people's homes around Oz at all hours of the day.

A hot tip from mate, Null Object, landed me a HS-60 (Juno 106 with reserved colour-scheme and built-in speakers) and I was in heaven. Headphones on, tweakin' away. Became quite proficient knockin' out funky, squechy, acid riffs on the keys all the while slammin' the filter via the 'expression stick' in sync. Oodles of fun.

Lovin' the live-oriented direction, I upgraded to an AN1x, added a MC-505, even a JP-8080 so I could be tweakin' two (virtual) analogues alongside the '505's sequencing accompaniment. Took to playing out at a variety of clubs and festivals over a couple of years. Man, one's music sounds HUGE on a real PA. The thunder of the kicks and bass, the whipcracks of the snares. Unforgettable.

Switched to a computer-based DAW to buckle down perfect arrangements and lift the quality of my productions.

Spent three years writing for a leading UK music production magazine, compiling Agony Aunt style assistance right through to feature articles.

A couple of releases on local Sydney label, Enigma Records (  as well as taking on mastering and 'DJ' mixing duties for the label's first two releases.

The last few years has seen me busy with all sorts of career and lifestyle changes, including settling on the other side of the country. Combining this with my expertise in perfectionism-combined-with-procrastination, my productivity has sadly taken a hit. When is a track ever finished when it can be mixed and remixed ad nauseum?  :bang:

Anyway, enough with the self-indulgent artist angst wank, let's get back to the programme. ;D

Wishing the very best for this refreshing site.  :cans:

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Why hello you lot!

Shane here - 28 (sigh) been a working musician since 13, dj for the last 11 years, and producing music for about 7! It's prolly for those same reasons I feel like I'm almost 50...

I'm not a big typer, so I shant recite my entire music history - let's just say it's very, very extensive!

I currently run the Hi-tech & Drum depts at a music store in Brisnieland and have a ball every day at work. I then come home to my studio and write choons or go out and spin some of those choons for a couple of hours. Life don't get much better than that for me!

Was a conservatorium student while in high-school (so very very very long ago!!), so i'm pretty up-to-speed on music theory if needed ( i was a music teacher at a highschool for a while too)

umm, god i hate blowin my own trumpet, so i'll stop!  :-[

I've been around on other forums so i'll probably know some of you already, but I'm tryin out a new name... see how it fits, how it shines in the light etc...

Not the most amazing first post, but hey, here's to a great lookin forum!

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the names anthony

I think im the youngest guy here, 16  :-[, been djing since i was 14, i'm pretty happy about my setup right now.. MK5's and an empath..i always try new things in a Djing sence, digital stuff, you know the usual.. lol, now im trying to dj with ableton and yeah, always looking for more things to do

ive been into production for about 3 months, and i have made a remix which i am proud (others may not be), but at this age and the time ive put in it (not too much) i like where i am going.

im a forum noob. just to make things clear. If i can help someone i will, if not, then i'll probably be the one that is asking for help.

I really want to get focused into audio engineering, and synthesis and stuff, but it is really hard to find a balance between studying (doing my HSC this year) and Djing, and "Learning & Trying to producer".

i love working with people, in terms of my hobbies. Examples: a good friend of my brother is a resident DJ at candy's apartment here in syd with mark dynamix and stuff, anyway.. he has cdj1000mk2's at home which he uses, i used to go there and he mentored me and taught me some wild stuff. it was a good experience.he even lent me the decks ;):D:D but now im back to vinyl (going to get mk3's soon)

so yeah

hope you dont mind me being toooo noooobish.

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^^^ Welcome to the club, Anthony. ;)

As I've said before, I have much enthusiasm towards the next generation getting involved with music, their fresh influences, their different take on it all. I encourage you to explore music production fully, and concentrating on your own material (not to say that remixes aren't cool) and bring a new sound to the world.

Popping my cynical hat on for a moment, we're in a very troubling era for musical development where the DJ still reigns street cred supreme, the remix is god's gift over anything with an ounce of originality, and the tools, such as Ableton Live are within reach of anyone with a 512k connection and a free afternoon. Let's hope we can get through the next three years without the noughties being nothing more than the entire '80s back catalogue layered with a generic, buzzy (farty) soft-synth bass patch.

Anyway, enjoy the site, ask plenty of questions, and let's get some real good discussions happening. :cans:

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Hey mate ,  welcome ;)  ...    Fear not , i think you may be our first n00b on here ;) ..  how exciting ;)  ....      Nothing wrong with being young ,  and its awesome your getting into it so early ...  keep at it ,  if only for a past time hobby , by the time your in your mid 20's you'll put it all to good use ;) ...       

Becoming a member here has pretty much unlocked a limitless supply of knowledge for you mate ,  the people on here already can pretty much answer any audio related problem you could possibly ask ...  And the sites only been online not even a month ;) ....  just wait till it really takes off ....

So welcome , come in , kick your shoes off , pull up a skinny soy double shot latte and start twiddling some knobs with us...  ;D

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Hi guys!

My name is Tommy Ranson 36 years old/young, Living and working in Sweden

My dayjob is Livesound engineering and sound design for Tours, theatre, musicals.

Working for one of Swedens most influencial and oldest firms i derive alot of my (i hope) knowledge from my collegues and co-engineers.

75% of my time however is dedicated to my band, and my studio

My main DAW is Cubase 3 and Wavelab, i use a handbuilt DDA  D-series 32/16/2 for my "analog feel" inputs. And an assortment of different monitors (Genelec, Tannoy,)

Well enough about me..Cheers!

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^^^ Hi and welcome, Tommy! Always great to hear from people with their day jobs buried in audio stuff. Sounds like you've got a bit of knowledge and experience tucked away there too to assist some of the newer guys on the forum.

And do you know when Clavia are going to release my ddrum5? :)

Have fun, mate. :cans:

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Welcome Ranson :D  Great to have a swede on the forums ... ;)

Also good to have some more highly experienced people around, no doubt you'll be able to contribute some very useful knowledge around here !  ;)

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Thanx guys!

And about d-drum 5....

There isnt gona be any!

not by Clavia anyway, as the triggering buissness has been sold to ddrum in the US.

But im sure they will keep up the tradition..

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I'll go first eh..

(you don't have to follow this format of course)

Name: Zac

Age: 19 (20 on anzac day ;) )

Location: Southern Syd, NSW, Australia

Occupation: Student bum, studying industrial product design

Fav types of music: well.. im pretty much a genre whore, come from a big breaks background but I listen to everything really. currently digging people like The Knife, Adam Beyer, Orbital, Thomas Schumacher, Infusion, Vitallic, Nathan Fake.. mainly lovin live electronica, good techno, a lil mnml, and drivin prog.. even the trancey prog / prog trance

Equipment: nothing worthy of mention currently.. lol trust me  ;D

How'd you find soundpunk? : Saw it advertised on a guys signature in a forum

Do you produce/DJ :  i wish, soon / i wish, soon

what kinda gear ya got: ...

Think of some more categories kiddos!

go!   :cans:

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Name: JR

Age: 24

Location: Sydders

Occupation: Business Analyst

Fav types of music: atm i love prog. lawler, digweed, sasha, desyn all pwn my ipod :)

Prod Equipment: Macbook Pro, Live 6, Remote SL, FastTrack Pro

Dj Gear: 2x Technics 1210s, CDJ1000 mk II, Xone62, efx1000, technics phones, truth monitors

Do you produce / dj: getting started on production, got some cool ideas floating around in my head. Now i  just need to learn how to apply them :P

DJ just for fun. Dont take it seriously anymore. Its expensive trying to keep up w/ the times  ;D

How'd you find soundpunk: same as donnie, Saw it advertised on a guys signature in a forum.

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S'pose I should write a spiel, my usual tactic is to just slip in the back door unannounced.

Alias of bitSmasher, you can call me BS (appropriate), keeping my real identity a secret as internet anonymity empowers the arrogant :)

24yo male living with my very patient parents. To complete the geek look I have very long hair and a fair length beard. No I don't play WOW or similar  :eatadick: (although ashamedly I spent alot of time on OCAU and dabbled in casemodding + watercooling)

Am completing an apprenticeship as a toolmaker although am looking to jump ship to something like fitting/machining to get broader fabrication experience. DIY stuff is heaps of fun, I wish I had the head to knuckle down and do electronics stuff but that might come in the future.

Have been heavily involved in cycling/mountain biking for the past 6 or so years, each time I get injured my interest turns to music production but the thought isn't taken too far. It's only now that I've a clear idea of what I want to do and where I want to be that the ball has been set in motion and it doesn't look like stopping any time soon! 2 years of collecting cheap gear off ebay (impulse buying is a good hobby), and I've fucked my knee again needing at least 6 months of recovery time means if I don't do anything now it'll never happen. Having a few friends and my little brother sharing similar ideas and inspiration gives no excuse either.

As for influences and intentions? Coming from a metal background and loving the versatility of electronic production I am looking at doing stuff from ambient/noise through to stupid breakcore and metal/breakcore crossover. A perverse interest in all that's cheap and crap will help there, it's easy to make things sound shit when you have a pile of Roland running through Behringer stuff on to 4track tape  ;D

Hearing protection is always recommended, not just for blocking the sounds but for blocking my inanity as well.

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Hi all.

I'm Rusty, you may know me from other music production forums like Sound on Sound, TranceAddict and ITM.  ;)

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Hey yo, another ITM migrant here  ;)

thought I'd finally come see what the dealio is over here.

woah, theres some pretty big intros in this thread, I should probably come back better prepared to do one of those. But hey, I'm here, hopefully I'll do a lil' less lurking, and more posting!

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Hey folks, feels like I already know some you well already, but anyways...

Robert's the name, Rob, Robbie, RB all ok  ;)

37 years old, been playing music pretty much all my life, born into it you might say - a musical family, grandpa played 12 instruments, mum was a choir leader, sister plays flute, etc. Grew up in Ballarat, started playing drums as a toddler and got serious at high school with the lessons. Played every day and in every band I could say yes to. Leaving school was in five bands, musicals, the local orchestra, and taught drums for my first job.

Moved to Melbourne in 88 to go to La Trobe and study music. Amazing degree no longer in existence, but exposed me to contemporary/experimental 20th century composition as well as stuff like critical listening, music analysis, music theory and full-on technology for its day. Studied music tech there, all the MIDI stuff, analog and digital audio, etc. Changed my life that place. Got my honours degree, did a thesis on the acoustics of cymbals, then started PhD but didn't finish. Now picked up the PhD again at Swinburne, developing a search engine/database for drum/percussion sample libraries based on acoustic analysis of the sample banks. Also lecture at Victoria Uni, co-ordinate the Bachelor of Music Technology there.

My research site:

Musically I both play drums/percussion live and produce and remix tunes in the studio. My main band at the mo is Lychee Martini, we play kinda live version of Thievery Corp/K&D. I also play sometimes with Bubble & Squeak, and with an Irish folk/rock guy Andy White. In the early 2000's played with techno crew Wetmusik, Will-e-Tell and Simon Digby - mainly where the Rhyhm Boy name came to stick. Released on Wetmusik's first 3 "Live @ Storey Hall" CD's. Have also played with Swedish techno group Devilfish.

Production wise I run Mac, Tools, Melodyne, Ableton, Absynth, Battery, Roland SPD11 Octapads. Written several tunes never really released. Occasionally remixed for Eric Powell, Groove Armada, Philip Glass, Bubble & Squeak, Athens Olympics theme, etc. More info at:

I dig being on Soundpunk and itm as an outlet to chat about my passion with a bit of tongue in cheek I can't get away with at school! Also just like sharing the knowledge. Not everyone gets to go to uni after all, and it ain't the only place to learn stuff. And I really dig soundpunk being a flame-free zone, good vibe for those starting out (heaven forbid you make a product-specific error in a post on mixthemin) ;)

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Nice one mate ;)

Good to have you on board ! , and its great to have more high level music intellects onboard, im looking forward to leeching  information from you in the future ;D

Im glad to hear that you see SoundPunk as a friendly place, where you can hang out and talk tech, and actually get the credit you deserve for your knowledge without being grilled by jaded chin strokers.  Thats pretty much the vibe I was going for when I built this site, although obviously I cant control what users say , but its worked out pretty much just how id hoped ! 

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Name: Whitey

Age: 25

Location: Sydney

Occupation: Party animal

Fav types of music: Rock, breaks, house, DnB, hip hop, trip hop.

Equipment: I've a DAW composed of as much entry level stuff as I could afford (truth monitors etc)

How'd you find soundpunk? : it waved my dick about in the wind and it picked up the scent. Stupid thing. I told it to find me some cunt (singular)

Do you produce/DJ :  Yes, learning / Yeah but only as a hobby. I find work as a real musician about sydney

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