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What' this all about?

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So, you've got this track you've been tweaking, and you want some feedback on it? Here's the place to post it and wait for the feedback to roll in!

Let's set some rules, first:

1. Constructive Criticism only. If you think a track is crap, by all means say that BUT you must be able to support your claims with some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on how to improve the problems you can hear. If you don't... your post will be deleted.

2. If it's not your cup of tea... then say so. Don't try and dismiss someone elses work because it's not your taste. We're not idiots - we'll see you've done it and give you the flick.

3. Creativity reigns supreme - criticism of people trying new things or not being "DJ friendly" will be met with a big stickĀ  :)

4. No spam links.

5. Start a new thread for each track you've got - this will make it more clear to people giving you feedback what they're looking at.

6. Enjoy!! This is a way of getting feedback on your idea's and making your tracks sound better to you. It's a great way of learning, and we're all here to do that. So, don't be reluctant to post because it's not mastered, or it's the first track you've made... or you did it using fruity loops and a casio calculator. Put it up, and see what people have to say. You can only learn from constructive feedback.

[edit]OK, there seems to be a little confusion on the purpose of this forum. It's for ORIGINAL works only. No, we don't want to see posts of an 'edit' of another track, but a remix is more than welcome. We're not after tit-for-tat copy and past. We don't care if you put Glitch or a filter over the top of the track - that doesn't make it YOUR original work.

Now, this might seem unreasonable to a few of you guys starting out, but there is a little thing called the "Law". This has a very big section called the "Copyright Act". When you 'edit' someone elses music without there permission and use this site to host it, you are breaking the Copyright Act, and possibly putting the site in jepordy. Obviously this applies to posting an outright rip of someone elses work. If you don't have permission to use the sample or track, then DONT POST IT HERE - YOUR THREAD WILL BE DELETED.

By all means, use it as a learning experience. Post some sections of your track, no more than about 25seconds each, in the forum of the sequencer or music application you are using and ask for feedback on what you have done - NOT on the track itself.

If the above is unclear, please ask before posting, as i don't want to see anyone offended when their efforts are deleted.

Cheers, and back to the Music!

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If your into Electronic music, be it Trance, hardcore, techno, electro, breakbeat or general electronica, our site is there to help you. We have been running over 5 years and have some excellent artists that are willing to help with both production and well... anything really. Some of our artists reguarly get signed deals, so there's a great deal of experience over there.

Just hit the link in my signature and feel free to join. It's open community!!

Shameless Plug #2

There's a boatload of my tunes for you to all listen to:

Feel free to open up a new thread and comment.

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