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Found 3 results

  1. What up yall, Just wanted to spread some knowledge. For all you serious sound engineers and producers out there who are still workin on their mixing chops and trying to understand the whole fundamentals of sound space and all. I recommend coping this video tutorial. It is a classic, but the knowledge is powerful, David Gibson really breaks down mixing sounds visually. You can get a high quality .avi format of the video on the video is like 2 hours and 40 minutes long and is only 5 bucks.
  2. Hi, I am quite new to the whole home studio concepts and skills. I have started roughly an year ago. I am a competent self-taught guitarist and have a solid musical root from professional piano/theory lessons before I stopped. I've recently started to produce some of my own music ranging from electronic music to my preferred style of jazz/fusion. a few examples of my skills and limitations Anyways, I have recently stumbled upon a very interesting form of music - ambient. The drum patterns and sound design very much fascinates me and I would like to learn how this is produced. <- an example of what I desire produced by Owsey. Would someone please care to guide me through this? In detail if possible and specifically for Ableton, maybe? Thank you!
  3. Whats the first thing I should download to help me start making beats? I know I'll have to spread into hardware eventually, but as a starting point i'd just like to dabble in software. If anyone can recommend one free and one paid program it'd be great. Maybe even some tutorials on the basics of music making/music theory.