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Found 1 result

  1. I've been thinking for a while about how to control the pitch of external audio, specifically audio from a television, VCR, or gaming system etc. using a keyboard or guitar in real time. I'm not looking to record audio and then export it as a MIDI file and then modify the pitch with a MIDI controller, I'm looking to be able to modify the signal in real-time for my own entertainment. I plan to use an aux cable and run the TV audio through a mixer and external speakers. If possible, I would like to use Adobe Audition to isolate the frequencies that would carry voices and only pitch bend those affected frequencies, leaving the music and background noise in tact. I have done this before on prerecorded audio and have known of many artists who use it for that purpose, but I don't know if that sort of effect can be used in real-time. Even if the pitch bending cannot be this precise in real time, I'd still like some help figuring out how to control the pitch of television audio in real-time using an electronic keyboard (specifically a microkorg XL+ which is MIDI compatible) or preferably a guitar so that voices can be made to track pitches of guitar bends. I'm looking for zero latency, real-time control over the pitch. It would also be interesting if whatever could allow me to do this would also support polyphony for chords so I could make news reporters sing harmonies or stuff like that. Basically, a live replication of Schmoyoho's autotune sound. I've looked around and haven't really found a solid answer for what I'm looking for. I don't want the pitch tracking to sound robotic like a vocoder, but I do want it to be able to track pitches precisely like one. So if people are talking on tv and I hold down an F, they will talk in a condensed, clear, not distorted F. I don't care what it takes, whether its a program or a pedal, or a MIDI control thing, I just want to know a way I could have it set up to be played around with any time. So again, to make it clear, I'm looking for the lowest latency way to use a guitar (I would REALLY like to use a guitar for the bends) or keyboard to manipulate pitches into the talking (or singing) voices on tv to basically make it sound like people are singing. So if any audio tech wiz out there could help, that'd be great.