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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, Here is a list of my tutorials for Native Instruments Massive. Thanks to Cheyne for stickying this Dutch house leads(guest post by Rob Janssen) A better default patch (guest post by Rob Janssen) http://www.massivesy...patch-tutorial/ Techniques for analogue emulation with Massive (guest post by Rob Janssen) http://www.massivesy...lation-massive/ Wavetables for nasty basslines http://www.massivesy...sty-bass-lines/ Using Stepper creatively in Massive http://www.massivesy...tively-massive/ Using Envelopes to manipulate sound http://www.massivesy...nipulate-sound/ Using ‘noise’ to create atmosphere http://www.massivesy...ate-atmosphere/ Dub Techno synth stab tutorial http://www.massivesy...-stab-tutorial/