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Found 4 results

  1. Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering? Where can I find them? this is the prototype. 1.1Do you know how many dots could I refresh instantaneously like this? Maybe I should have a software version of this has I want to map a lot of sounds, all accents, sounds of nature, singing templates.Whatis the Best coding Language to make this perfect? I want the flower dot maps to be changable and restructured into tree maps and other types of visualization of Big Data according to the relations users try to see. It would have features like save to your folder, search by other folders with your favorite songs, voice command to skip and love (the website can be minimized), and unliking music so you never have to go trough a specific ray of songs. Its aimed at music producers and at creating really good playlists our sound sample groups in every branch. I want to do an audio wiki.I need someone to code it
  2. Hey guys have listen to this track, I'd like to see what you all think.
  3. Hi everyone, i'm fairly new to the electronic music game as well as this website and was looking to get some outside feedback on my latest track. It's called Answers and without further ado, here it is. and for some reason it isn't working through the site so click the listen to this on soundcloud link please don't pull punches, ill accept any critisizms so that i can further myself as an artist
  4. Whats the first thing I should download to help me start making beats? I know I'll have to spread into hardware eventually, but as a starting point i'd just like to dabble in software. If anyone can recommend one free and one paid program it'd be great. Maybe even some tutorials on the basics of music making/music theory.